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Fees and Funding

It is very important that you have sufficient funds in place to meet your tuition fees and living costs before you start your course. The University has a small amount of hardship funding available to help students who started their studies with a sound financial plan which was compromised by circumstances beyond their control, but it is unable to help students who started their studies with insufficient funds in place to meet their tuition fees and living costs.

Financial Hardship

Students who are in financial hardship may apply to the Student Support Fund for support. The College Student Support Officer, Brenda Ryder, is your initial point of contact when it comes to applying to the Student Support Fund, and will help you with any queries you have throughout the application and assessment process. To set up an appointment, please email or call Brenda on +44 (0) 191 334 7235.

Tuition Fees

You will be charged an annual tuition fee for each year of supervised study, and doctoral students will also be charged a continuation fee if they have not submitted their thesis three months after the end of supervised study. Your tuition fee will differ depending on the programme you study and whether you are a home or overseas fee-paying student, and whether you are studying full-time or part-time.

  • For taught postgraduate course costs, please see the relevant entry in the course search.
  • Costs for postgraduate research courses can be found here.

If you began your studies earlier, separate fee structures apply.

Living Costs

As well as your tuition fees, you will also need to meet your day-to-day living and course costs whilst you study with us. Your living costs will depend on your personal circumstances, but the majority of students will need to pay for accommodation and related costs, food and other household shopping (toiletries, washing powder etc.), utilities, essential clothing, travel, study-related costs and leisure.

You can find information on the cost of living in College accommodation here: