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Issue Reporting

The Operations Team are responsible for carrying out minor repairs and maintenance within Ustinov College. If you require any repairs in your bedroom, shower room or kitchen, you can use the form below to report the problem. The report will be sent directly to the Operations Team for action. Most repair work will be carried out between 9 am and 6 pm.

If there is an emergency repair e.g. a smell of gas or a plumbing problem that could result in a flood, the Porter must be informed immediately.

A Porter is available at Sheraton Park 24 hours per day and can be contacted on 0191 334 5470 or 07824131678

A Porter is available at Keenan House from 8 am to 3.30 pm and can be contacted on 0191 3345170 or 07523818402. Outside of these times you can contact the Porter at Sheraton Park.

The Porter and/or University contractors will need to enter your room and kitchen once a month to conduct routine water temperature tests, this is classed as essential maintenance and therefore access must be granted.

Common causes of pests in accommodation are poor housekeeping, especially in kitchens, so it’s important to keep kitchens clean and tidy. Pests may also be attracted into the accommodation by food and food waste, so it is best to avoid keeping any food in your bedroom and you should regularly remove and food waste. To help identify pests and determine if any action is needed please contact the Porter. A specialist pest control company will investigate any reports and we will address any issues in line with their recommendations.

A repair cannot be carried out if the Operations Team are not made aware, so please ensure you take the time to report all problems.