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Sheraton Park Common Room is the heart of Ustinov, where you will usually find Ustinovians studying or socialising around the clock.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, we have adapted the use of the space and it is now available as individual study space during the day, every day, on a pre-book basis.
College Life
Ustinov College bar featuring bar and pool tables

Sheraton House

Sheraton House contains the following facilities:

Neville House

Neville House contains the following facilities:

  • Laundry
  • Community Room
  • Computer Room
  • Project Room
  • College offices
Sheraton House – you come here when you just want to wind down from school work, you meet people that you’ve never met before, you make friends. It’s a place to chill out with friends, and there’s a feeling of family here.

Somto Okoroafor
MSc Economics