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Global Citizenship Programme & Scholarship

The Global Citizenship Programme & Scholarships were set up to build a strong academic community and scholarly programme at Ustinov College; to foster critical literacy, intercultural communication and interdisciplinarity; and to provide a space for ongoing exploration of global citizenship in theory and practice. The Programme offers leadership roles and accommodation awards for full-time postgraduate students, who are able to advance their research through community engagement, and acquire a set of transferable skills both for academic and non-academic fields.

The GCP incorporates three main streams which encompass a wide range of activities:

Intellectual & Global Curiosity

Café Scientifique, Café Politique, Café des Arts, Ustinov Seminar and Ustinov Annual Conference, Ustinov Intercultural Forum (UIF)

Careers, employability &Personal Development

Ustinov SUCCESS (Shaping Ustinov College Careers and Employability Success for Students), Publications and Media

Participation & Leadership

Ustinov Volunteering

Successful applicants will organise a range of academic, social, and cultural events and projects, including seminars and discussion groups, research forums, careers & development sessions, volunteering exchanges and academic conferences.

Scholarships take the form of accommodation awards – generous contributions towards College accommodation charges. A majority of the positions awarded constitute partial accommodation awards, equivalent to a third of the accommodation charges for an en-suite room in College for Scholar and £1000 for Fellows.

The Ustinov College Scholarships are open to all current and prospective full time members of Ustinov College, from any subject or discipline.


Positions and awards are open to all full time current or prospective members of Ustinov College for the 2021/2022 academic year, from any subject or discipline, including taught and research students.

To be eligible for a GCP Scholarship, you should have applied for accommodation at Ustinov College by the time you submit your application, to be resident at the College for the full three terms of the academic year if applying in the summer round. To take up a scholarship, you must have been accepted to a programme of postgraduate study at Durham University.

To be eligible for a GCP Fellowship, , you must have been accepted to a programme of postgraduate study at Durham University and be a member of Ustinov College. Fellowship recipients can live in College or private accommodation.

Existing award holders are welcome to re-apply for an award for the next academic year.

Opportunities for Volunteers

In addition to scholarship and fellowship opportunities, students are warmly invited to participate in the Global Citizenship Programme as volunteers. Volunteers are not required to complete this application process, but can instead send an expression of interest to

Applications Criteria

Your application will be judged on three criteria:

  • Ethos & Experience: How you will contribute to the development of Ustinov College as a postgraduate centre of excellence and to the delivery of the ethos of global citizenship, interdisciplinarity, and intercultural learning. The committee will be interested in knowing how your skills, experience, and interests equip you to lead the development of the Global Citizenship Programme and specific projects within it;
  • Team Skills: Your ability to work as part of a team with the other scholars, volunteers and other members of the College, with developed interpersonal skills, taking the initiative, a willingness to work hard, multitask and be available throughout the year, and seeing projects through to a successful conclusion. This experience may have been gained at work, in a voluntary organisation, in a student society or similar;
  • Academic Merit: this will be judged on your past academic performance and the statement from your referee; as well as any suggestions for academic projects or explorations of the concept of global citizenship.

Applicants are not expected to meet all the criteria fully, and should indicate their areas of strength. Please bear in mind that the ability to generate ideas is only a small part of the requirements, and the administrative, professional and interpersonal skills involved in being able to coordinate and fulfil project responsibilities are essential.

Experience can have been gained in similar student activities, through voluntary work or in the workplace

How to Apply

  • The application consists of the following:
  • Online application form
  • CV
  • Academic/professional reference(s)
  • Statement of achievements to date (current award recipients only)

Applications will open soon, so please check back over the coming months.

An interview may be required; if you are not based in the UK, this may be arranged by telephone/Skype.

Please read the below guiding documents carefully before making your application. For any queries about the process, contact

University student
As the Volunteering team leader, I have enjoyed the sense of community the GCP has offered. I have had many opportunities of engagement both within college and beyond. One of the most rewarding aspects has been building a bridge with the local community. The GCP has allowed me to become a better, more equipped, global citizen which has benefitted both my private as well as my academic and professional life. The programme has absolutely lived up to my expectations.

Kristine Kivle
MSc Defence, Development and Diplomacy