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Emergency services – police, fire or ambulance (emergency only)

Telephone: 999 or 111

If you believe a situation to be an emergency, i.e. you believe that your own safety or that of another individual is at risk, you should notify the emergency services. In the UK, you must dial 999 (or 9999 from an internal phone). Once you are connected to a call handler, you’ll have to answer a series of questions to establish what is wrong, such as:

  • Which service do you require? (Police, ambulance or fire service)
  • Where are you (including the area or postcode)?
  • What is the phone number you are calling from?
  • Exactly what has happened?

After contacting the emergency services, if you are able to do so, please also inform the porter on duty of the situation. Any situation involving fire or accident on the College site should always be reported to the porter as a full report must be made of the incident.

College – Ustinov Porters and Senior Emergency Officer

Telephone: 0191 3345470

Mobile: 07824131678


The porters should be your first point of contact with any queries or problems. They are on duty 24 hours every day, and are based at Porters Lodge, Sheraton House, Sheraton Park.

The College operates a duty rota so that a Senior Emergency Officer is always on call should an emergency situation arise within the College or for a College member. The Senior Emergency Officer can be contacted through the porter on duty, and the porter makes the decision as to when to contact the Senior Emergency Officer on duty. If the porter is able to resolve the situation, a full report will still be made by email so that a member of the College team can follow up, as required, on the next working day.

University Security

Telephone in emergencies: 0191 334 3333

Telephone: 01913342222


Police (non-emergency)

Telephone: 101


Ask for Durham Constabulary or the University Police Liaison Officer, Sean Tindale


Crisis mental health support

If you are worried about your safety and feel at risk of harming yourself please access help immediately through one of these contacts.