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23 February 2022 - 23 February 2022

3:00PM - 4:00PM


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This is the image alt text Walking group

In this lecture I consider the ways in which everyday physical activities such as walking, particularly as part of a social group, are enjoyed and valued, as well as the pleasures and benefits of academic collaboration.

Working with fantastic colleagues (the PALs of the Department’s Physical Activity Lab) over the last decade, I have enjoyed jointly exploring notions of therapeutic mobilities in the context of walking groups, active school travel, movement volunteering and community gardening, as well as studying the potential for social prescribing to link people into these activities.  In our work we have also highlighted and pondered the pervasive presence of conceptions of health promotion that exacerbate health inequalities, partly by responsibilising individuals and creating stigma.  I will draw on this body of work to explore the potential for critical and fruitful collaboration between anthropology, broadly conceived, and public health scientists and practitioners working to promote physical activity.