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7 May 2022 - 7 May 2022

4:00PM - 6:30PM


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In this virtual forum, participants will have an opportunity to discuss and explore the future of Iberian archaeology on the global stage in terms of its goals, practices, aims, and ethics. Co-organizers: Rui Gomes Coelho (Durham University, UK) and Katina Lillios (University of Iowa, US).

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Specific questions we will explore are:
- For whom is Iberian archaeology? Who benefits, and who should benefit, from the knowledge gained from archaeological investigations in Spain and Portugal?
- How have international movements and concerns, such as populism, new authoritarianisms, climate change, #MeToo, decolonization, and Black Lives Matter, shaped contemporary archaeology in Spain and Portugal?
- How has archaeological research in Spain and Portugal shaped these global debates and discussions in archaeology?


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