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Bioimaging Facility: Electron Microscopy

We have a unique EM facility offering a broad range of techniques that can answer many biological (and other) questions.

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Cressington 328UHR Coating Unit

Location: Biosciences Room 175

The improved resolution of FESEMs and TEMs demands improved specimen preparation techniques and the ability to produce ultra high resolution coatings. For nonconductive samples, specimen preparation and coating is the key to ultra high resolution imaging. Ultra-high resolution coatings are ultra-thin, structure-free and usually metal (W, Pt, Cr or Ir) or carbon coatings. The  328 Series coater from Cressington is specifically designed for the needs of ultra high resolution FESEM or TEM imaging.


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Contact research facility manager, Chieko Itakura , to find out more about research services and project collaborations available

Electron Microscopy Facility

Room 175

Department of Biosciences

Stockton Road




Tel: +44 (0)191 334 1285