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Campus Cards

Common Awards students are entitled to a Durham University campus card. Students request a campus card through their Theological Education Institution (TEI). Details on how TEIs can request campus cards on behalf of their students are below. See our Common Awards Calendar for the deadline for submitting the required information to the Common Awards Team.  

Process for requesting Campus Cards

Campus cards are produced by the University’s IT Team (known as CIS – Computing and Information Services) on behalf of the Common Awards Team and TEIs.  

Campus cards can only be produced once the Programme Registration process has been completed, a student’s record has been created in Banner (the University’s Student Records System) and a student has been issued with a Banner ID. See our Submitting Programme Registration page for more information on this process.  

Campus cards are issued for the duration of a student’s study; they do not need to be renewed on an annual basis. See below for information on requesting a replacement card.   

TEIs collect student photographs for campus cards and share these securely with the Common Awards Team by the deadline specified. All campus card photographs must meet the formatting requirements set out below.

It is essential that each photograph is saved with the student's Banner ID as the file name (e.g. 000123456.jpg). 

TEIs are responsible for safely distributing campus cards to their students once received from the Common Awards Team. 

Photograph formatting: 

Width: 198 pixels 

Height: 239 pixels 

Photographs should be in colour 

File Type JPEG (.jpg file extension) 

The photograph should be a head and shoulders passport style photograph with a plain, white background 

Look straight into the camera, with the picture clear and in sharp focus 

Eyes should be open and with no sunglasses or tinted lenses 

Clothes should contrast the colour of the background and avoid wearing items that cover or obstruct your face 

File name format:  

Banner ID.jpg (e.g. 000123456.jpg) 

In order to assist students and TEIs with the production of campus cards, we have partnered with CIS to create a formatting tool. The tool will allow users to manually edit their photo, ensuring photos are of the appropriate size and shape. As it only allows for the photos to be saved as .jpg, it will also eliminate any file formatting issues. The formatting tool can be accessed here: Campus Card Photo

Process for requesting replacement Campus Cards 

Circumstances may arise where the information on the campus card expires; for example: 

  • A student may decide to transfer to another programme or change their plan of study from full-time to part-time (or vice versa), meaning that the date on their campus card will expire before they complete their studies; 
  • A student may transfer to a different TEI, meaning the name of the TEI on their campus card will be incorrect; 
  • A student may change their name. 

TEIs are responsible for ensuring that Durham has been notified of any changes to a student’s record in advance of requesting a replacement campus cardSee our Submitting Changes to Student Records page for details on this process. 

TEIs do not need to submit new campus card photographs for replacement campus cards; the cards will be printed using the photographs already held in the student’s Banner record. However, replacement campus cards can only be requested at the normal production points for campus cards. See our Common Awards Calendar for details. Please indicate clearly where a campus card request is ‘new’ or ‘replacement’. There is no charge for replacing an expired campus card.  

Process for replacing lost, damaged or stolen Campus Cards 

TEIs should contact the Common Awards Team if they have been notified that a student has lost or damaged their campus card, or if the card has been stolen.  There is a £10 charge for replacing lost or damaged campus cards; the University will add this cost to the TEI‘s validation fee calculation. There is no charge for replacing stolen campus cards; however, in order to process this type of replacement request, the University will need evidence in the form of a crime reference number issued by the police upon report of the theft. If this is not available, the replacement request will be treated as a lost campus card and a £10 charge will be made.