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Catchments and Rivers

A key focus of the Catchments and Rivers cluster is on monitoring and modelling the interactions and feedbacks between geomorphology, hydrology, vegetation, and water chemistry in hillslope and river systems. There is a particular emphasis on three critical areas: (1) building on our numerical and analogue modelling expertise to investigate the interactions of vegetation with water flow and sediment transport, including the effects of vegetation on hillslope stability and dryland erosion, and the role of plants in modulating flow in river channels; (2) developing an improved process-based understanding of how water, nutrients, and sediment move through catchments, with an emphasis on how the relevant physical processes can be deduced from a wide range of novel observational data at high spatial and temporal resolution; and (3) moving beyond a rigid distinction between bedrock and alluvial rivers to quantify flow and sediment transport processes in the mixed bedrock-alluvial channels that typify montane environments.

Cluster Members

Staff name Research interests
Dave Bridgland Fluvial history, Quaternary, Palaeontology/Archaeology
Isabella Bovolo

Tropical hydro-climatology, Hydrology, Climate and Climate Change 

Patrice Carbonneau 

Digital Photogrammetry, Digital Image Processing, Fluvial Remote Sensing, Fluvial Geomorphology and Ecology

Fiona Clubb Tectonic and fluvial geomorphology, Topographic analysis, Landscape evolution 
Nick Cox

Statistical applications in Geography (e.g. geomorphology, hydrology, climatology)

Alex Densmore Mountain building, Earthquakes, Landsliding, Hazard-risk-resilience 
Lizzie Dingle Fluvial geomorphology, Sediment transport 
Danny Donoghue 

Airborne and satellite remote sensing, Remote sensing for archaeology, forestry and coastal change

Rich Hardy 

Open channel hydraulics, Sediment transport, Numerical modelling 

Rebecca Hodge

Fluvial geomorphology, Sediment transport, Numerical modelling

Stewart Jamieson

Glacial geomorphology, Ice stream dynamics, Landscape evolution

Erin McClymont

Past Environmental and Climate Change, Organic Geochemistry

Glenn McGregor

Synoptic climatology, Biometeorology, Hydroclimatology, Climate and society

Sim Reaney

Catchment-based hydrological modelling, Connectivity of environmental flows, Flood hazards, Diffuse pollution

Laura Turnbull-Lloyd

Ecohydrology and ecogeomorphology, land degradation, drylands, connectivity

John Wainwright 

Human-Environment Interactions, Hydrology, Geomorphology

Jeff Warburton

Fluvial geomorphology, Mountain sediment systems, Geocryology