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Incoming European Exchange

Durham University has student exchange agreements with selected universities in European destinations. Under these agreements we send and receive a number of students for a visiting period.
Not studying at a European partner? Click here
Durham river and Cathedral view

Is my university a European exchange partner university?

Durham is currently linked with European partner/twin universities (including Norway and Switzerland). European agreements are specific to academic departments. Please check with your home university to check whether an agreement is in place. A list can also be found here 'Where in Europe', please be aware that this URL link will navigate you to the outgoing (from Durham) part of the Durham University website.  We are constantly expanding our network of partners.  

Why study as an exchange student at Durham?

A year at Durham is a year like no other. Here you will not be a tourist, you get an amazing British experience and be part of something special. You will be:

  • studying in inspiring surroundings, set in an historic UNESCO university city;
  • part of our unique College system providing a strong sense of community and support - all students are members of a College;
  • able to experience opportunities to participate in a wide range of sports and other activities, both at University and college level;
  • supported by an excellent network of welfare services, including a dedicated Global Opportunities Team and a personal College Tutor.