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About Us


In the past decade, as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have waned, there has been a significant amount of research done by medical clinicians, ethicists, philosophers, counsellors, clergy, journalists and theologians into the moral impacts on those who served in the conflicts. Yet the work of these scholars alongside the practical work done by pastoral caregivers and clergy who serve to guide people through existential crises remains fragmented.


The purpose of the centre is to create a hub to:
  • Produce and receive new scholarship on Moral Injury
  • Facilitate new research by building networks of academic scholars, military officers, chaplains and clergy
  • Create and develop resources for pastoral counsellors, spiritual caregivers, churches and faith organisations caring for morally injured individuals.

All these activities serve the centre’s ultimate goal of increasing an understanding of the causes and impacts of Moral Injury and facilitating increased care of those suffering from it.

As research and understanding increases our awareness of Moral Injury suffered beyond combat and begins to focus attention into areas such as emergency services, healthcare workers and law enforcement personnel, it is envisioned that the centre’s work will incorporate these contexts into its orbit as well. 

Vision: To deepen understanding of the causes and impacts of Moral Injury internationally and explore, cultivate and share sources of recovery.

Mission: Towards a robust identification, mitigation and repair of Moral Injury through attention to frameworks of meaning and practices of care.

Strategy: To develop and highlight innovative research, education, resources and practices; to foster collaboration, building networks of scholars, clergy and caregivers through cooperative partnerships.