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Moral Injury Webinar Series


A print of an olive treeMoral injury and church-related abuse: Responding creatively through the visual arts, music and poetry

Thursday 27 June 2024
7pm BST | 8pm CEST | 11am PDT | 2pm EDT 

For this webinar, we are delighted to welcome:

  • Maggi Creese (Lead Officer, Chaplaincy to Survivors, Diocese of Newcastle, UK)
  • Sarah Troughton (NHS psychiatrist with lived experience of church-related abuse)
  • David Creese (Newcastle University, survivor of church-related abuse)
  • Peter Locke (organist and composer, survivor of church-related abuse)

All welcome. To receive the Zoom link, please register for free at TicketTailor.

Artwork by Sarah Troughton. Used with permission.


Videos of Previous Webinars

Please note that only the talks are recorded. Webinars include around 45 minutes audience discussion that is not recorded.

Brian Powers' recent talk on moral injury in film and television will appear here shortly.

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Nicola Frail: A chaplaincy reflection on the potential for military moral injury from non-combat experiences

Unbinding Souls: The Use of Ritual in Moral Injury, by Rita Nakashima Brock

Beyond the Binary of 'Victims' and 'Perpetrators': A Revised Typology for Moral Injury Based on Agency, by Brian Powers

Sharing lament and reinvesting in hope when loved ones die by suicide, by Carrie Doehring

Moral Injury as Negative Revelation, by Michael S. Yandell

The Power of Religious Rituals in Supporting People with Moral Injury, by Brad Kelle and Chris Tidd

Trajectories of moral injury: A webinar introducing the International Centre for Moral Injury