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Research and Development Group

The Research and Development Group leads the centre's research and is responsible for planning and the day-to-day operation of the centre.

Revd Dr Brian S. Powers

Executive Director of the ICMI

Brian is a systematic theologian, a former US Air Force Special Operations Weather Team officer, a veteran of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the inaugural Bernard William Vann Fellow in Christianity and the Armed Forces at Durham University. He has written and spoken extensively on the importance of worldview, ethics and religious dialogue in rebuilding moral frameworks through which morally injured persons may find meaning and solace, both in American and British contexts. He is the author of Full Darkness: Original Sin, Moral Injury, and Wartime Violence (Eerdmans, 2019).

Canon Prof. Michael Snape

Director of the ICMI

Michael is the Michael Ramsey Professor of Anglican Studies at Durham University. He is the official historian of the Royal Army Chaplains’ Department and has published extensively on the history of religion and the armed forces.

Revd Wendy Cooper

The vision and model for the ICMI was conceived by the Revd Wendy Cooper. Wendy continues within the ICMI as a member of the Research and Development Group and is undertaking a Professional Doctorate to further her research on moral injury related practice development. She is an Honorary Fellow in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University and a minister in the Diocese of Salisbury.

Dr Jane Lidstone

ICMI Administrator

Jane's academic background is in psychology with interests in mental health and wellbeing. At the ICMI, Jane is responsible for website design and maintenance, communications, organising events, and general enquiries. She can be contacted at

Steering Group

The steering group of the ICMI directly advises the centre's Research and Development Group.

Dr Lydia Brown MBE and The Venerable Stephen Robbins CB

Lydia and Stephen support the Vann Fellowship and the ICMI.

Lydia is a veterinary surgeon who has held various senior positions in research, teaching and product development internationally. Lydia was a founder member of the Veterinary Surgeons Health Support Programme (Vet Helpline), is Past President of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and is an Honorary President of the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare.

A smiling man wearing a clerical collarStephen was Chaplain General of the British Army (2008-2011) and Archdeacon for the Army in the Church of England (2004-2011), and served in Iraq, Northern Ireland, Germany, and elsewhere. He continues to minister in several dioceses including Salisbury, Newcastle, and London and works with students at Durham University giving seminars as well as helping with the annual Robbins lecture.

Chaplain (Colonel) Timothy Mallard PhD

Timothy is Director of Ethical Development at the United States Army War College and was previously Command Chaplain of the US Army in Europe and Africa. He is a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and is a member of the International Society of Military Ethics.

The Venerable Clinton Langston CB

A man with grey hair and glasses wearing a clerical collarClinton is a British Anglican priest and military chaplain. He was Chaplain General of the British Army (2018-2022) and Archdeacon for the Army in the Church of England (2017-2022). He has served in Bosnia, Northern Ireland and Iraq.

Revd Nicola Frail CF

A woman with short red hair wearing British military uniform with a badge saying Nicola is a British military chaplain serving at the Defence Medical Academy. She is a Church of Scotland minister and is convenor of the Royal Army Chaplains’ Department Moral Injury Community of Interest.

Tim Guinan

A smiling man with a close-cut beard wearing a light pink shirt and jacketTim is Senior Development Manager for Theology and Religion at Durham University's Development and Alumni Relations Office.