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Previous study in the UK and academic progression

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If you’re currently studying in the UK on a Student visa and you apply to Durham to continue your study, you must meet the academic progression requirements and show that: 

  • you have successfully completed the course for which your most recent Student visa was issued; and 
  • your next course is at a higher academic level than your previous course (for example, you have previously studied a Bachelor's degree and your next course is a Master's degree)

Academic progression rules only apply if you’re applying for a Student visa in the UK. You will be told if it’s not possible to issue you with a CAS if you don’t meet the criteria above.   

Studying at the same level 

If you’re applying to study a course at the same academic level as your previous course, you’ll be asked to confirm that your next course is related to your previous course and ‘represents your genuine career aspirations’. This will be confirmed on your CAS. 

If you can’t demonstrate academic progression 

We may still be able to issue you with a CAS but you’ll only be able to apply for a visa outside the UK, as academic progression rules only apply to visa applications submitted in the UK. 

Full details of the academic progression requirements.


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