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Summer has settled on Sheraton Park and Ustinov celebrates in style…

After a beautiful Spring in Durham, we were thrilled to see the arrival of the summer sunshine. Here at Ustinov College, we have celebrated in style with the Summer Ball, which was organised by the GCR and held at Ramside Hall. It was wonderful to see our students dressed to the nines, ready to celebrate the end of another term. It was also wonderful to see our community acknowledge one another’s achievements at our College Awards Dinner. This was an opportunity to recognise what makes our community special—from the Undercover Hero Award, to the Outstanding Contribution Award, to the Best Chef Award. As our Principal, Glenn McGregor, eloquently said: you’re all winners because you are Ustinovians!

Our Global Citizenship Programme continues into the summer months, with June featuring our Annual Conference and July featuring two talks from Café Scientifique.

The Annual Conference was a resounding success, with speakers attending from across the world. The theme, ‘Re-imagining Knowledge Production and Access’, included presentations, posters, and discussions panels that addressed underlying inequalities within academia.

The first Café Scientifique presentation was by Dr Daniel Glassbrook, entitled ‘Biomechanics and the Application of Wearable Technology in Sport’. This was a fascinating insight into the potential of technology to improve performance and health outcomes for athletes. The second was a discussion lead by Dr Stephen Burrell to gain an insight into the relationship between climate change and gender. We were honoured to host researchers conducting such interesting and important work.

As always, our alumni are welcome to attend GCP events. Get in touch with us at We’d love to hear from you!