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13 April 2023 - 13 April 2023

1:00PM - 2:00PM

D210 and online

  • Free to all attendees

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PhD student Felicitas Ruschel will be presenting a paper entitled “Reassessing Early Urbanism in North-Eastern Mesopotamia: Evidence from spatial and scientific analyses of households at Gir-e Bassetki, Kurdistan”. Everyone is welcome join in and provide some friendly feedback.

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New evidence at the archaeological site of Bassetki (ancient Mardaman, Duhok province, Iraq) suggests that indicators of urbanism predate the so-called second urban revolution in the later Early Bronze Age (EBA) thereby challenging conventional models of urbanisation in Ancient Mesopotamia.

Felicitas' research takes a multi-scalar GIS-based approach to this evidence, and her seminar will focus on the results of an examination of architectural, stratigraphic and artefact distribution data at the site to show how the site changed as it grew into a major centre. This will allow for the reassessment of urbanism in Northern Mesopotamia during the EBA.


Free to all attendees

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