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Bioimaging Facility: Advanced Light Microscopy

The state of the art Bioimaging and Microscopy research and teaching facility in the Department of Biosciences is at the core of the Durham Centre for Bioimaging Technology and houses an extensive selection of imaging modalities

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Zeiss LSCM 800 with Airyscan

Location: Biosciences Room 137

The Zeiss 800 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope (LSCM) offers high-end confocal imaging in a compact set-up, complete with two highly sensitive GaAsP detectors alongside an Airyscan detector. The Airyscan detector provices an improved resolution of 120nm (in x,y dimension) and 350nm (in z dimension) with an singal-to-noise ratio (SNR) 4-8x better than standard detectors.

This sytem is best suited for standard fixed cell and tissue samples

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Zeiss 10x Plan-NEOFLUAR 0.3
Zeiss 20x Plan-Apochromat 0.8
Zeiss 63x oil Plan-Apochromat 1.4


Laser LinesPMT 1 EmissionPMT 2 EmissionAiryscan 
405 nm SP 470 nm LBP 640 nm Tunable
488 nm SP 545 nm LP 575 nm  
561 nm SP 620 nm LP 655 nm  
640 nm