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Making Changes to Modules

Proposed changes to TEI modules  

TEIs are responsible for reviewing their approved programme pathways to ensure that they remain up-to-date, fit-for-purpose, and aligned with the overarching Common Awards framework. The curriculum development process provides an opportunity for TEIs to make changes to their programme regulations as a result of, for example, Annual Self-Evaluation, student feedback, or feedback from external examiners. 

Changes to TEI programme regulations and modules need to be approved by the University. These changes include for example adding or removing a Common Awards module from a programme or changes to which modules are compulsory, and should be accompanied by a rationale.

For TEIs wishing to alter module assessment patterns or learning hours please see our Making Changes to Assessment and Making Changes to Learning Hours pages. 

TEIs wishing to make changes to modules should submit their requests for the May Curriculum Development deadline. See our calendar for the specific deadline this year. Curriculum Development requests will need to include the following:  

  • Curriculum Development request form (see our Forms and Templates page) 
  • Proposed Programme Regulations (T3)
  • Proposed Module Overview Table (T4) 
  • Proposed Curriculum Mapping Document (T5)

Please clearly highlight any amendments, ideally using tracked changes, and only make changes on the most recently approved version of the documentation.