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Symposia and Seminars

Conferences and symposia

Comparative Aesthetics in Transnational Perspective (12-14 April 2021)
The conference examined how aesthetic forms are used in the furtherance of social, cultural and national agendas, and how this impacts on the making of national and transnational identities. Contact:

Nationalism, Ethnicity and Cultural Diversity in the Digital Age (14-15 March 2019)
The symposium examined the role of digital media in transformations of nationhood, ethnicity and cultural diversity within and in-between states. For further details contact:

Borders, Regimes, Disposability: Symposia on Migration and State Violence (14-16 June 2017; 10-12 July 2019)
This symposium represented a conceptually innovative engagement with the ideological figurations of ‘migration’ and ‘the migrant’ in the contemporary world. For further details contact:

Decentred / Dissenting Connections: Envisioning Caribbean Film and Visual Cultures (29-30 May 2018)
This symposium re-envisioned the Caribbean, creating connections between English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Creole languages. For further details contact:

‘Mutations in Citizenship’: Activist and Translational Perspectives on Migration and Mobility (23 March 2018)
The symposium explored how activists and migrants are expanding the concept of citizenship beyond the ‘terrain and imagination’ of the nation state and what role language plays in this.

Transnational Russian Studies (14-16 September 2017)
This symposium sought to reposition the discipline of Russian Studies in a transnational framework. For further details contact:

World Literature and New Totalitarianism (15-16 May 2017)
This symposium provided a forum where literary and cultural critics will be addressing the spectre of new totalitarianism currently haunting the globe. For further details contact:

Seminar and Workshop Series

Language and Identity in the Post-Soviet Space
This series of seminars and workshops explored intersections of language and identity in the former Soviet space and beyond, among the global post-Soviet diasporas. Contact:

Transnational Cinemas
This series of seminars and workshops looked at the transnational dimension of the cinematic medium in global film studies. Contact:

Translation Repositioned: Commodity, Identity, Displacement
This series of seminars and workshops focused on the cultural politics of translation in a comparative and cross-temporal way. Contact: or

Body, Text, Nation
This series of seminars and workshops explored how texts intervene in a bodily vision of nationhood, examining various kinds of relationship between bodies, texts and nations. Contact: or

History of Innovation in the Humanities: The Case of Russia
This seminar series explored factors of innovative transformation in the humanities from a historical perspective, with a particular focus on twentieth-century Russia. Contact:

The Politics of the Muslim World
This series of events - round tables, workshops, and conferences - explored Muslim politics, Islamist movements, and Islamic political thought. Contact: