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January - June 2019

23 June 2019

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin presents paper ‘Russian Political Regime Change and Strategies of Diversity Management: From a Multinational Federation towards

19 June 2019

Student policy papers (by Katherine Davis, Rozalind Firth, Sean Hannigan, Isla McCay and Andrea Vismara), produced for the Nation-building and Identity Politics in Contemporary Russia course, run by Dr Guzel Yusupova, are published.

18 June 2019

Dr Vitaly Kazakov gives paper 'Memory Ecology and Interpretation of the Sochi 2014 Olympics’ Legacy: From "Electronic Monuments" to "Shapeshifting Digital Memory Colossi"' at the conference 'Legacy of Olympic and Paralympic Games' at the The Observatory for Mega-Events Research, University Paris Est, France.

17 June 2019

The Consequences and Implications of Daesh Military Defeat workshop, Centre for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan, Amman.

13 June 2019

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): Evaluation, Lessons Learned and Future Prospects, IMEIS Annual Conference 2019, SGIA, al-Qasimi Building, Room 102, 9am-5.30pm.

13 June 2019

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin gives lecture on the ethnolinguistic situation and ethnic politics in the Mari Republic at the Summer School of the Department of Finnish and Finno-Ugrian Languages, University of Turku, Finland.

11 June 2019

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin presents ‘A “Voluntary-Compulsory Choice”: The Teaching of Minority Languages in Russia’, Fourth Annual Tartu Conference on Russian and East European Studies: Communities in Flux: Rethinking Sovereignty and Identity in an Era of Change, Johan Skytte Institute of Political Science, Tartu University, Estonia (9-11 June 2019).

6-7 June 2019

Staging Queer Lives in Russia and Ukraine, Wolfson College, University of Oxford.

5 June 2019

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin presents ‘Policy Formation in the Finno-Ugric Republics of Russia in the Post-Soviet Period: Problems, Ideologies, Compromises’ at the All-Russia Finno-Ugrist conference: The Finno-Ugric World in a Polyethnic Space of Russia: Cultural Heritage and New Challenges, Udmurt State University, Izhevsk, Russia (4-7 June 2019).

3-6 June 2019

Dr Guzel Yusupova participates in the first Cambridge Data School, University of Cambridge.

16 May 2019

Professor Paul Cooke publishes blog 'The Experience of Conflict: A Transnational Language?'.

13 May 2019

The International in a National: Translation as a Factor of the National Evolution, Senate Suite, University College, Durham University, 9am-6pm.

9 May 2019

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin gives seminar talk ‘Russia’s Language Policy Formation’ at the School of Global and Area Studies, University of Oxford.

8 May 2019

Dr Elena Ostrovskaya (Higher School of Economics, Moscow), The Mystery of The Red Earth: Harold Heslop, Soviet Literary Institutions, and World Literature (Elvet Riverside I, A29, 5pm).

6 May 2019

May Day Rally: Exploring Historic Links between Mining Communities in Britain and Russia, Ukraine & the USSR, Redhills, Miners' Hall, Flass Street, Durham, 12.30-6.30pm.

3 May 2019

Dr Qing Cao presents paper ‘Is Democracy a Priority in the May Fourth Movement? A Corpus-based Investigation of La Jeunesse' at the international conference A Political, Social and Cultural Look at a Turning Point in the History of Modern China, Université de Mons, Belgium (2-4 May 2019).

2 May 2019

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin presents paper 'Russian Political Regime Change and Strategies of Diversity Management' at the 2019 ASN World Convention, Columbia University, New York (2-4 May 2019).

1 May 2019

Dr Dušan Radunović introduces Sergey Loznitsa's new film Donbass (2019) at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle (6pm screening).

29 April 2019

Dr Guzel Yusupova presents paper 'Tatarstan’s Paradiplomacy with the Islamic World' at the Russia’s Islamic Diplomacy: Institutions, Informality, and Believers conference, Central Asia Programme, George Washington University.

26 April 2019

Dr Guzel Yusupova presents on ‘Social Media and Oppositional Coordination of Russian Ethnic Minorities’ at the British Sociology Association (BSA) 2019 Annual Conference, Glasgow (24-26 April 2019).

24 April 2019

Dr Guzel Yusupova presents on 'How Digital Media Change Nationalism?' at the 29th Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN) Annual Conference, Edinburgh (24-25 April 2019).

23-27 April 2019

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin takes part in the International Finno-Ugrist Students Conference IFUSCO, University of Vienna, Austria.

14 April 2019

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin presents paper 'Russian Political Regime Change and Strategies of Diversity Management' at the 2019 BASEES Annual Conference, University of Cambridge (12-14 April 2019).

13 April 2019

Dr Vitaly Kazakov gives paper 'From Sochi 2014 to Russia 2018: (Social) Media Memory and Interpretation of Russian Mega-Events’ in the 'Mediation, Reception, and Memory of Sports Mega-Events in Russia and Beyond: From Cold War to "Information War"' panel, BASEES 2019, Cambridge (12-14 April 2019).

12 April 2019

Dr Polina Kliuchnikova presents paper 'Talking to the City: Post-Soviet Migrants in Russia's Urban Spaces on their Attachment to and Communication with the City' at the Multilingual Urban Space: Policy, Identity, Education international conference at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow.

30 March 2019

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin presents paper 'The Teaching of Minority Languages in Russia' in the 2019 Annual Soyuz Symposium, University of Pittsburgh (29-30 March 2019).

28-29 March 2019

Transnational and Diasporic Russophone Media in the UK and Beyond workshop, Princess Dashkova Centre, Edinburgh University; includes Famil Ismailov (BBC Russian Service), 'The Russian-Speaking International Media Today: Challenges and Dilemmas' (Project Room 1.06, 50 George Square, Edinburgh, 28 March 2019, 6.30pm).

25 March 2019

Dr Guzel Yusupova's policy memo 'Why Ethnic Politics in Russia Will Return' (Policy Memo No. 584) is published by PONARS Eurasia.

21 March 2019

Dr Qing Cao presents on ‘Late Qing Press: Why It Still Matters’ at the China Media Centre, University of Westminster.

19 March 2019

Dr Cat Moir (University of Sydney), 'Living Gregariously: Engels' Reception of Darwin and his Critique of Social Darwinism', Body, Text, Nation seminar, A56, 5-7pm.

14-15 March 2019

Nationalism, Ethnicity and Cultural Diversity in the Digital Age, Durham University.

14 March 2019

Prof. Michèle Lowrie (University of Chicago) and Prof. Barbara Vinken (University of Munich), ‘The Empire to Come: Houellebecq, Soumission’, Body, Text, Nation seminar, ER146, 4-6pm.

7 March 2019

Dr Claire White (University of Cambridge), ‘The Affair Before the Affair: Zola and The Lourdes Scandal’, Body, Text, Nation seminar, ER146, 4-6pm.

28 February 2019

Dr Polina Kliuchnikova presents paper 'The "Russian Word": Power and Potentiality in Russian Language Provision in Dushanbe' at 'Urban Multilingualism in Contemporary Moscow and Dushanbe' workshop at the Princess Dashkova Centre, Edinburgh University.

26 February 2019

Negotiating Identities in Post-Soviet Settings: Between Prescriptions and Personal Interpretations (Language & Identity in Post-Soviet Spaces Seminar), Elvet Riverside I, A29, 2-5pm.

20 February 2019

Dr Vitaly Kazakov gives paper 'Twitter Data Collection during a Media Event: The "Media and Popular Reception of Russia's Mega-Events, 2014-2018" Project' at the Research IT Grant Clinic for Humanities Researchers, University of Manchester.

20 February 2019

Dr Guzel Yusupova and Professor Andy Byford present on 'Policy Paper as Mode of Assessment' in the MLAC Work in Progress Seminars, ER141, 12-1pm.

18 February 2019

Dr Manon Mathias (University of Glasgow), ‘The Gut-Mind Connection in French Medicine and Literature: the Case of Autointoxication’, Body, Text, Nation seminar, ER157, 12-1pm.

24 January 2019

Dr David Evans (University of St Andrews), ‘Corrupting the Body Poetic: Poetry, Masculinity and Nation in 19th-Century France’, Body, Text, Nation seminar, ER142, 5-7pm.

22-24 January 2019

Professor Paul Cooke runs a three-day Filmmaking Workshop at the Issam Fares Institute, American University of Beirut as part of his Digital Subaltern project.

17 January 2019

Dr Abir Hamdar presents on her Performing Cancer project at the Exploring the Borderlands: Between Performance Arts, Political Theatre and Academic Research conference, University of Birmingham, 17-18 January 2019.

16 January - 6 March 2019

Dr Guzel Yusupova offers a special, OWRI-affiliated and cross-departmental, eight-week seminar course Nation-building and Identity Politics in Contemporary Russia: Policy Analysis (Wednesdays, 2-4pm, Durham University).