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July - December 2019

19 December 2019

The volume Syrian Crisis, Syrian Refugees: Voices from Jordan and Lebanon (Palgrave, 2020), edited by Juline Beaujouan and Amjed Rasheed has been published.

15-17 December 2019

Professor Lara Ryazanova-Clarke gives paper ‘Diasporic Narrative as a Linguo-Cultural Commodity and the Reconfiguration of Cultural Space’ at the Post-Soviet Diasporas in Western Europe 1991-2019 conference, Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal.

13 December 2019

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin presents on 'Russia’s Language Policy and Its Projection Abroad' at the Institute for European Global Studies, University of Basel, Switzerland.

10 December 2019

Dr Vitaly Nuriev (Russian Academy of Sciences), 'The Avant-texte as Methodological Tool in Translation Process Research', Translation Repositioned seminar series, Elvet Riverside I, A29, 11.00-12.30.

5 December 2019

The State of the State in the Middle East, Hatfield College, Durham University, 9.00am-5.30pm.

30 November 2019

Dr Qing Cao presents paper ‘Translating Concepts through Graphic Loans: The Case of Guomin in Late Imperial China’ and Dr Konstantin Zamyatin presents paper 'Early Soviet National-State Building and Language Policy' at the workshop 'Proletkult and the Languages of Modernity' held in the IMLR, School of Advanced Studies, London.

25 November 2019

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin presents paper 'A "Voluntary-Compulsory Choice": The Teaching of Minority Languages in Russia' in the panel 'Languages in School Education in the Post-Soviet Space: Policies, Discourses, Practices and Public Opinion' at the 2019 ASEEES convention in San Francisco, 23-26 November 2019.

24 November 2019

Dr Guzel Yusupova presents paper 'Between Fear and Solidarity: Social Media and Ethnic Minority Mobilisation in Russia' in the panel 'Civic Engagement, Identity, and Innovative Activism in Contemporary Russia' at the 2019 ASEEES convention in San Francisco, 23-26 November 2019.

16-17 November 2019

Dr Qing Cao organises the panel ‘A Comparative Study of Modernities in a Global Context' and presents paper ‘Materiality and Spirituality in the Transmission of Western Ideas in Early-20th-Century China’ at the 8th International Forum on Marxist Aesthetics: Contemporary Aesthetics and Studies of Material Culture, Zhejiang University, China.

14 November 2019

Dr Vitaly Kazakov gives paper 'Transnational Affection and Conflict in the New Media Remembering of a Global Media Event: From “Electronic Monuments” to “Shapeshifting Memory Colossi” of Sochi 2014' at the workshop 'Strategic Political Communication and Translocal Media Flows' at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, Canada.

28 October 2019

Professor Andy Byford publishes post titled 'The Degree in Modern Languages' on the CrossLangDyn research blog.

23 October 2019

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin presents (together with E. Arutyunova) the paper 'An Ethnolinguistic Conflict on the Compulsory Learning of the State Languages in the Republics of Russia: Public Policies, Public and Social Media Discourses' at the 19th Annual Aleksanteri Conference 'Technology, Culture, and Society in the Eurasian Space', Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, 23-24 October 2019.

17-18 October 2019

Dr Dušan Radunović presents paper 'Vernacular Modernity and Nativist Avant-Gardes: Georgian Cinema of the 1920s Between Revolutionary Avant-Garde and Earl-Soviet Policy of National Emancipation' in the rountable titled 'European Modernism in and through the Nation' and takes part in the special seminar titled 'Modernism and the Minor' at the Modernist Studies Association Annual Conference in Toronto, Canada (17-20 October 2019).

16 October 2019

Professor Jianhua Chen (Fudan University, China), 'New Woman and Urban Space in Chinese Cinema, 1921-1949', Elvet Riverside, ER207, 10am.

Professor Lara Ryazanova-Clarke gives lecture ‘The Russian Diaspora’ at the ‘Russia, Royalty and the Romanovs’ exhibition, The Queen’s Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh.

11 October 2019

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin presents paper 'The Impact of Official Bilingualism in Ethnic Republics of Russia on Language Attitudes' at the conference 'Indigenous Peoples and Languages in a Globalizing World: Challenges, Opportunities and Threats', Institute of the Estonian Language, Tallinn, Estonia.

25 September 2019

Professor Lara Ryazanova-Clarke gives lecture ‘Liquid Russian: A Story of Amazing Transformations of the Russian Language, its Speakers and their Communities outside Russia in the Post-Soviet Period’ at the University of Edinburgh.

21 September 2019

Dr Qing Cao presents paper ‘Linguistic Construction of "National People" in Late Qing’ at the International Conference of Chinese Sociolinguistics, Shanghai, China (20-22 September 2019).

10 September 2019

Dr Abir Hamdar has been appointed Creative Consultant to the Naef K. Basile Cancer Institute (NKBCI) of the American University of Beirut Medical Centre to facilitate and support the Institute's Arts-in-Health programme.

4-5 September 2019

Grand Strategy: Mapping the Contemporary Middle East, Al Qasimi Building, Durham University, Room 102.

23-24 August 2019

Showcasing Russian-speaking Culture in the UK: Changing Communities, Princess Dashkova Centre, University of Edinburgh.

10-12 July 2019

Borders, Regimes, Disposability: A Symposium on Migration and State Violence, Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University. 

10 July 2019

Dr Polina Kliuchnikova presents paper 'Language Performance and Metalinguistic Reflexivity among Post-Soviet Migrants in Russian Cities' at the 5th International Conference 'Andalusian Slavic Studies Workdays' (9-11 July 2019, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, University of Granada, Spain).

8 July 2019

Roundtable: Post-IS MENA Regional Politics, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), London.

1-5 July 2019

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin carries out a research visit to the Institute of History, Language and Literature of the Komi Scientific Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia.

1 July 2019

Dr Guzel Yusupova publishes paper 'Tatarstan’s Paradiplomacy with the Islamic World' on the Central Asia Program portal (part of 'Russia's Islamic Diplomacy', CAP paper 220, edited by Marlene Laruelle).