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Politics of the Muslim World

Events in this series are organised under the auspieces of the HH Sheikh Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah Programme and the Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. Topics covered include Islamic ideas of state and governance, Islamic perspectives in international and transnational relations, the formation and impact of Islamist movements, Muslim minorities and debates over multiculturalism and democratisation.

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10 December 2020

Regional Crises, Regional Responses workshop on security threats in the Middle East (WebEx event, 1pm-5pm).

9 March 2020

Peer Exchange Workshop: Insights of Recent Research about the Development of Salafi-Jihadism in the MENA Region and Entry Points for Conflict Transformation, Beirut, 9.30am-5pm.

5 December 2019

The State of the State in the Middle East, Hatfield College, Durham University, 9.00am-5.30pm.

4-5 September 2019

Grand Strategy: Mapping the Contemporary Middle East, Al Qasimi Building, Durham University, Room 102.

8 July 2019

Roundtable: Post-IS MENA Regional Politics, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), London.

17 June 2019

The Consequences and Implications of Daesh Military Defeat workshop, Centre for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan, Amman.

13 June 2019

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): Evaluation, Lessons Learned and Future Prospects, IMEIS Annual Conference 2019, SGIA, al-Qasimi Building, Room 102, 9am-5.30pm. See Juline Beaujouan-Marlière (ed), IMEIS Annual Conference 2019: GCC: Evaluation, Lessons Learned and Future Prospects (Global Policy Journal, August 2019).

18 September 2018

Roundtable: Syrian Crisis, Syrian Refugees: The Cases of Jordan and Lebanon, SGIA, al-Qasimi Building, Room 201, 9:30am-5pm.

14 June 2018

Professor Mark N. Katz (George Mason University), Better than before? Comparing Moscow’s Cold War and Putin-era Policies toward Arabia and the Gulf, Sir William Luce Lecture, Sir James Knott Hall, Trevelyan College, Durham, 12pm.

13-14 June 2018

Identity, Legitimacy and Power in the Muslim World, IMEIS Annual Conference 2018. See Juline Beaujouan-Marlière (ed), IMEIS Annual Conference 2018: Identity, Legitimacy and power in the Muslim World (Global Policy Journal, November 2018).

5 February 2018

Roundtable: The Troubled Triangle of the Islamic State, Iran, and Syria, in collaboration with Chatham House (2.15-5pm, Lindisfarne Conference Centre, St Aidan's College, Durham).

20 September 2017

Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (IMEIS) Annual Conference: 'Diversity', Durham Castle. See Juline Beaujouan-Marlière (ed), IMEIS Annual Conference 2017: Diversity (Durham Middle East Papers 95, March 2018).

13 October 2016

A Conversation with Professor Bahgat Korany (SGIA, 201, 10am-12pm).

27-28 September 2016

ransformational Changes in the Middle East: Internal, Regional and International Drivers (Qatar Univeristy, Gulf Studies Centre).


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Khalil F. Osman, The Menace of a 'Post-Territorial' Islamic State (IMEIS Briefing No. 1)

Clive Jones (ed.), The Politics of Change in the Middle East (Durham Middle East Papers No. 78)