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Transnational Cinemas

This series of seminars and workshops takes place under the aegis of MLAC's Transnational Cinema Research Group. Sitting uncomfortably with the reductionist framework of national cinema and, equally, scoping beyond the apparatus of World Cinema studies, the transnational approach to global cinema integrates a range of analytical perspectives: from those that interrogate the socioeconomic aspects of film industry, such as co-production, joint distribution and regional or global reception, to those that engage the issues of cinematic aesthetic, such as the on-screen figuration of transnational processes, dominant genres, or scopic/visual regimes. The series seeks to examine the possibilities of having a stable methodology for transnational cinema(s), yet it is equally keen to appropriate variegating global manifestations of cinematic transnationalism in the form of separate case studies.

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16 October 2019

Professor Jianhua Chen (Fudan University, China), 'New Woman and Urban Space in Chinese Cinema, 1921-1949', Elvet Riverside, ER207, 10am.

28 September 2018

Cinema and Nation: Spotlight Georgia (10am-1pm, ER A29). The workshop forms part of the Screening the Nation: Georgia, 1918-2018 programme of screenings and discussion at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle, curated by Dr Dušan Radunović.

9 March 2018

Against the National Project: Memory and Mobility in Contemporary Colombian Cinema (1pm, ER, A29).

8 June 2017

Dr Shohini Chaudhuri (University of Essex), 'The Alterity of the Image: The Distant Spectator and Films about the Syrian Revolution and War' (1 pm, ER, A29).

10 November 2016

Professor Stephanie Dennison (University of Leeds), 'Remapping World Cinemas: Brazilian Cinema and the Global Screen' (11am, ER A29).

9 November 2016

Professor Paul Cooke (University of Leeds), 'Soft Power, Film and the BRICS: The Case of South Africa' (4pm, ER205).

1-2 June 2016

Dr Deborah Shaw (University of Portsmouth), founding co-editor of the journal Transnational Cinemas gives talk on 'Transnational Cinema: Mapping a Field of Study' and workshop on 'Deconstructing and Reconstructing Transnational Cinema' (ER, A29).