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Transnational Strand

The Transnational Strand of the Cross-Language Dynamics programme is coordinated from Durham University and is co-led by Professors Andy Byford (MLAC) and Anoush Ehteshami (SGIA).

It focuses on the dynamics of political, social and cultural interaction across a wide variety of examples of communities that share a single language but are dispersed across multiple states and cultures.
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The Transnational Strand concentrates especially, but by no means exclusively, on Russian-Arabic-Spanish- and Chinese-speaking transnational communities. We explore:

(a) the consequences of the fact that, while language remains an unusually stable basis for identity-formation, it is becoming dislocated from sources of political power and cultural legitimacy;

(b) the effects of this on personal identities and networks, collective memories and ideologies, institutional structures and practices;

(c) the impact of the formation of transnational publics rooted in particular languages on contemporary statehood, nationhood, ethnicity, religious affiliation, and cultural practices; and

(d) the effect of evolving forms of mobility and connectivity on the formation of different types of transnational language-based communities.

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