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Bioimaging Facility: Electron Microscopy

We have a unique EM facility offering a broad range of techniques that can answer many biological (and other) questions.

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Leica AFS2 with FSP

Location: Biosciences Room 176

Freeze Substitution with the Leica AFS2 with FSP and Optional Agitation Module

Freeze Substitution (FS) of specimens in methanol, acetone or any other FS media at low temperatures is THE follow-on procedure to high pressure freezing and other cryo fixation methods.

Progressive Lowering of Temperature (PLT) allows substitution and resin infiltration of chemically fixed specimens. Finally, the sample is polymerized under UV light in the EM AFS2 and can be cut and immuno labelled.

The Leica EM FSP (“Freeze Substitution Processor”) is an automatic reagent handling system. Mounted on the Leica EM AFS2, it dispenses reagents for both FS and PLT. It automatically dilutes FS media and resins from 100% reagent containers. An integrated LED UV lamp allows immediate polymerization of the samples.

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Contact research facility manager, Chieko Itakura , to find out more about research services and project collaborations available

Electron Microscopy Facility

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