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Bioimaging Facility: Electron Microscopy

We have a unique EM facility offering a broad range of techniques that can answer many biological (and other) questions.

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Leica EM ICE High Pressure Freezer

Location: Biosciences Room 176

High pressure freezing is key for the study of intricate changes in fine structure or cellular dynamics. Cryo-immobilize your aqueous samples under high pressure with a unique freezing principle and uncover secrets of the cellular process.

Capture and resolve highly dynamic processes at the nanometre scale with millisecond precision. The EM ICE solution, combining superior high pressure freezing with the possibility of light and electrical stimulation, is the platform for your discoveries.

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Contact research facility manager, Chieko Itakura , to find out more about research services and project collaborations available

Electron Microscopy Facility

Room 175

Department of Biosciences

Stockton Road




Tel: +44 (0)191 334 1285