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Bioimaging Facility: Electron Microscopy

We have a unique EM facility offering a broad range of techniques that can answer many biological (and other) questions.

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Leica EM KMR2 Knifemaker

Location: Biosciences Room 175

Leica EM KMR2 glass knifemaker produces 45° glass knives from 6.4, 8 and 10 mm thick glass utilizing the balanced-break method.

The Leica EM KMR2 introduces two new scoring positions, enabling optimal corner to corner breaks.

The longer score is used for scoring the strips before breaking into squares. It can then subsequently be used for scoring the squares to make the knife pairs.• Preferable for room temperature sectioning.

The shorter score is an option for those preferring a longer “freebreak“. • Glass knives with the longest useable knife edge.• Real knife angle close to 45°• Preferable for cryo sectioning

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Contact research facility manager, Chieko Itakura , to find out more about research services and project collaborations available

Electron Microscopy Facility

Room 175

Department of Biosciences

Stockton Road




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