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  1. Upcoming Deadlines
  2. Curriculum Development
  3. CAMB Student Elections
  4. Staff Development
  5. Invoices and Census
  6. Winter Congregation
  7. Transcripts and Parchments
  8. Entry Requirements 2023/24
  9. Staffing Update
  10. Christmas Office Closure
  11. Further Information

1. Upcoming Deadlines

1st December - Deadline: TEIs to submit changes of registration (to be captured in the Census) 

1st December - Census Date: TEIs to submit Moodle census snapshot report

1st December - DU Overarching Board of Examiners (Winter) 

Early December - TEIs asked to circulate information on the Common Awards Management Board (CAMB) Student Representative nomination/election process

5th January - Winter Congregation for 2022 graduates

20th January - Deadline for TEIs to submit all continuing student module marks following 2022 Exam Boards

26th January - Common Awards Management Board (CAMB)

27th January - Deadline: TEIs to submit Curriculum Development documents for new programmes and modules

27th January - Deadline: TEIs to submit Common Awards Management Board (CAMB) Student Representative Nominations

2. Curriculum Development

TEIs are required to submit Curriculum Development documents for changes to TEI programmes by 27th January 2023. There are three main types of changes to programmes which can be considered at this deadline:

  • Introducing a new programme at TEI level
  • Withdrawing a programme at TEI level
  • Proposing changes to the mode of delivery (ie online/in-person/hybrid) of TEI programmes and modules

Further information on the approvals process for these changes is available here.

Smaller changes to what is already being delivered at a TEI (e.g. introducing or withdrawing a module, changing the assessment pattern for a module, or proposing learning hours which fall outside of the guidelines) can be submitted at the May curriculum development deadline.

3. CAMB Student Elections 2022/23 (for 2023/24 academic year)

The Common Awards Management Board (CAMB) is a committee with responsibility for and oversight of the quality and standards of the overarching Common Awards partnerships and programmes. The membership of the Board includes students from TEIs who represent the whole of the Common Awards student body. Student representatives are able to contribute to Common Awards decision-making, policy development and the ongoing monitoring and development of Common Awards on a national level. 

TEIs will shortly be sent a communication for students on how they can nominate themselves for a CAMB representative position. Please ensure all communications are circulated to students. The deadline for student nominations for is 27th January 2023. 

4. Staff Development

The University Teaching: Core Skills staff development programme provides participants with the opportunity to work through interactive online content in their own time, to discuss their learning with colleagues across the UK and with facilitators from Durham University’s Centre for Academic Development. (DUCAD).

Successful completion of the Account of Professional Practice confers Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (now known as AdvanceHE) and the post-nominal letters AFHEA.  

An introductory session is being held on 2nd December and the programme will start on 23rd  January. Those attending the intro session will be sent information from DUCAD regarding how to complete registration for the full programme.

 If you didn’t register for the Introduction Day but would still like to join this programme please contact the Common Awards team directly before the 18th January 2022, and provide us with your Durham user name and email address.

More information about the programme is available on our website.

5. Invoices and Census

TEIs are asked to follow the below process in preparation for the 2022/23 census:

  1. Please continue to send the Common Awards Team Changes of Registration by the 1st December, and make sure these changes are actioned in Moodle.
  2. On 1st December, please download the Moodle census snapshot report, and send to the Common Awards Team. Full details are available in the CA Marks Processing Booklet, Appendix 24. If you are not expecting to be at work on the 1st, please send it to us beforehand, or as close as possible to the 1st.

For further information please see the email sent to TEI key contacts on 23rd November.

Any new registration changes sent to us after 1st December won’t be actioned until the census numbers are finalised.

As per the Standard Validation Contract, the University intends to increase the validation and per capita student fees in line with inflation. We will confirm with the fees for 2022/23 as soon as we receive details from the University.

6. Winter Congregation


Students eligible for graduation should now have been invited to attend the graduation ceremony at 10am on 5th January 2023, at Durham Cathedral. Registration closes on 9th December 2022.

TEI Staff

Members of staff in TEIs are also welcome to attend the Common Awards graduation ceremony; the staff attendance registration form is available at the following link: Registration closes on 9th December 2022.

Academic Procession

Members of staff in TEIs who hold an undergraduate degree are eligible to participate in the academic procession for the Common Awards students. If you are interested in this please indicate on the staff attendance registration form.

Common Awards Celebration Event

There will be drinks and canapés for students and staff at St John’s College following the ceremony. Students and staff can register their attendance via the registration process.  

7. Transcripts and Parchments 

Transcripts and parchments for Common Awards students who were considered by the Summer Overarching Board of Examiners (September 2022) and not eligible for congregation have been produced, packaged, and posted. TEIs have been contacted regarding this, and should have received these documents.  

The Common Awards team will be in touch with TEIs regarding when then can expect to receive parchments for the students being considered at the Winter overarching Board, and for the students eligible for congregation.

8. Entry Requirements 2023-24

The standard entry requirements for all approved Common Awards programmes for 2023-24 have been approved by the Quality and Standards Sub-Committee.

No changes have been made from the 2022-23 requirements, but as updates have been made in recent years please ensure that TEI Admissions Policies refer to the latest version, which can be found here.

9. Staffing update

  • We are delighted to welcome Dr. Frances Clemson back who returned from maternity leave in November, and to confirm that Jo McKenzie will remain in post until the end of March 2023. TEIs will be informed of any updates to ULO allocations.
  • We are also looking forward to welcoming Alyson Bird back from maternity leave after the Christmas break. From 1st January Rhianne Jones will return to her role as Assistant Quality Manager, and Dr Jennifer Gray will be returning to her role in the Student Registry department. We are very grateful for Jennifer’s contributions this year and wish her all the best for the future.

10. Christmas Office Closure

TEIs are asked to note that the Common Awards Office will close on the afternoon of Friday 16th December and reopen on Tuesday 3rd January. TEIs are strongly advised to flag any urgent queries before 16th December.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank our colleagues across all TEIs for their hard work throughout the year and to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

11. Further Information

The full 2022/2023 academic calendar is available here.   

With thanks,

The Common Awards Team