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World Cancer Day Performance 2018 

A special performance of Dr Abir Hamdar’s play Wasafuli al-Sabr ( I am waiting for you; وصفولي الصبر), directed by Lina Abyad, took place in Beirut on 8 February 2018 to mark World Cancer Day (4 February). 

The performance was hosted by the Naef K. Basile Cancer Institute (NKBCI) of the American University of Beirut Medical Centre (AUBMC) and performed at its Saab Medical Library. 

The play was the opening event of BBCC-6: Annual Beirut Breast Cancer Conference. Over 200 national and international physicians, nurses, medical students and interns, as well as cancer patients and representatives of cancer NGOs, attended and participated in a Q&A session following the performance. 

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World Cancer Day Performance 2018