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Trevs Bar

The bar staff at TrevsTrevelyan student staff in the College bar.

Trevs Bar is a spacious venue that sits at the heart of the College. It is a hugely popular social space and we use it for a wide variety of activities. Trevs Bar regularly hosts live music events, pub quizzes, and sports fixture screenings. It also hosts frequent 'bar nights', entertainment-filled evenings often following formal or other College events. In addition to these social occasions, we also use Trevs Bar as a venue for academic or development-focused events. We host talks, presentations, and even dissertation open mic nights, where students explain their research in an accessible way to their peers.

Outside of these fantastic events, Trevs Bar functions as a regular College bar. It has an impressive range of spirits, cask ales, and cocktails - as well as a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks. During the day Trevs Bar sells tea, coffee, and cakes, and provides a relaxed place to study or work in groups.

Trevs Bar is run and staffed entirely by Trevs students, with new staff hired every academic year. This provides our students with convenient and flexible work opportunities and is a great way to gain work experience and earn some extra money during your time at University.

Students enjoying watching sports in the bar.