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Fundraising and Opportunities

Student Funds

Careers Funds

We launched our new Careers Fund in 2020/21. Students can apply to our Careers Fund for financial support for careers-related activities, such as transport to job interviews.

For more information contact

Travel Bursaries

We have seven different travel bursaries that help our students with the travel costs of academic and personal development activities: the SCR Travel Bursary, the Trevelyan Trust Travel Bursary, the Marion Zunz Travel Bursary, the Greenwood Merit Scholarship, the Helena Margaret Biss Scholarship, the Southern Hemisphere Research Scholarship, and the Anita Milne Scholarship.

Opportunities Funds

If you are interested in setting up a new bursary for student travel please get in touch at

Trevelyan Bursary

The Trevelyan experience is about so much more than just studying. We believe that all of our students should have the opportunity to engage fully in College life. From 2020/21 we began offering Trevelyan Bursaries to all incoming students with a household income of less than £25,000. These bursaries pay for the student's JCR Levy, Library Contribution, and academic gown. These bursaries lessen the financial barriers to participating in College life and will allow all our students to enjoy the many opportunities that Trevs has to offer.

Donations from alumni make this scheme possible. Make a donation towards our Trevelyan Bursaries fund or for more information contact

Hardship Fund

We launched our new Hardship Fund in 2020/21 to provide emergency financial assistance to students in need. This fund covers costs not currently met by central support funds, such as emergency transport home.

Make a donation towards our Hardship Fund or for more information contact


For many of our students, internships are vital ways to develop core skills and gain valuable work experience. For more information visit our University website Careers & Enterprise Centre: Internships - Durham University