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Volunteering and Charities

Volunteering, fundraising and outreach have always been a central component to college life at Trevelyan. Trevelyan is extremely community-minded. Our students do lots of excellent work in outreach, volunteering, and fundraising. We have an elected student Outreach Officer, who coordinates volunteering opportunities, and an elected Charities Officer, who heads our Charities Committee.

Trevelyan College Beach Clean 2022

50 student volunteers from Trevelyan College visited the Durham Coast to take part in a beach cleaning activity. The group helped the local economy by picking up litter making the beach a safer environment, and saving the marine animals from potential danger. 

Beach clean 2022 Crop

Trevelyan College Volunteering - Care Home Christmas Card Appeal 2021

Trevelyan College participated in the #CareHomeChristmasCard appeal, sharing festive joy with members of the community. The College was paired with a local care home in County Durham for our students to write Christmas cards to the residents, to help brighten up their Christmas. 

We also held a festive crafts afternoon in College for students to make their own cards. With great involvement from our JCR and MCR communities toward our College volunteering hours, and made over fifty cards for local care home residents. 


Christmas card appeal 1 CropThe JCR and MCR making christmas cards for local care home residents,toward their volunteering hours.

Christmas card appeal 2 CropThe JCR and MCR having festive fun contributing to their volunteering hours.


University student
I personally want to work in the third sector, as I really enjoyed volunteering when I am in university and want to continue that in areas that I am interested in! Volunteering is perfect for me because I can get to know the sector and decided whether this kind of work is the right one for me. Even if I eventually decide to go into a different sector, the contacts and experience that volunteering has brought is more than enough rewards in itself!

Lijie Dong
Third year student at Trevelyan.


Outreach work in the local community is a great way to give back. Our students volunteer in local schools, coordinate foodbank deliveries, and coach sports teams. Whether you want to volunteer on a regular or more casual basis, there are plenty of projects to get involved with.

If you have accepted an offer to study at Trevs and are interested in exploring volunteering opportunities, please fill in our Volunteering Opportunities Form. Volunteering projects can take a while to establish and we want to make sure that we have suitable projects developed for all our incoming volunteers. You are under no obligation to volunteer for the resultant projects.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact our College Office via



University student
Over the next few months I administered over 300 first doses and 50 second doses of the vaccine to those in my local community; not only was this incredibly rewarding but also provided a much needed break from endless online lectures! I also picked up some useful skills, getting to know the inner workings of a pharmacy and learning how to best accommodate people with disabilities.

Milo Anderson
First year student at Trevelyan.

Charities and Fundraising

Charity work is a key priority for Trevs. Our Charities Committee coordinates our charitable efforts, organising an impressive range of events including an annual Charity Ball. Whether your interests lie in fundraising, event organising, or something else, we’d love to have you involved.

During the academic year 2021-2022 the JCR raised £200 at a Breast Cancer Awareness Bar Night for Cancer Research UK and have also donated to the National AIDS Trust. Our annual Trevelyan College Fashion Show raised over £2,500 for the Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust.

Throughout the year we have also raised over £350 for the Albert Kennedy Trust who support LGTBQ+ young people who are experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment.

The MCR have also been heavily involved in fundraising this year, supporting the JCR campaigns and events, but also raising over £300 to contribute to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. 

If you wish to be involved in volunteering and charitable work please contact our JCR president for more information

Household 14 - Raising money for Help Musicians UK.

In Michaelmas term 2020, one of the newly formed livers-in households – Household 14 – decided to collectively run a marathon along their landing whilst quarantining, to raise money for Help Musicians UK. This is an important cause for the household, as they were assigned their household based on a mutual love for music, and it is music which has kept them going. The charity works to support professional musicians from all genres, particularly in times of hardship. Support is needed now more than ever for this vital industry, as the pandemic has brought devastating impacts on The Arts, and many are facing unprecedented financial difficulty. Their story gained widespread attention, even making the BBC News headlines, providing much needed positivity in these challenging times. In total the Household raised an amazing £3,234 - thank you to the generosity of Trevs members past and present for your support.

HH14 Crop

HH14 Crop 2

University student
In this role, I have been ringing lonely, isolated and vulnerable people, in order to offer them a listening ear and to signpost support for various things, such as how to access helpers who can get groceries and other medicines. Doing so has been a massively rewarding experience, not only as a way of chatting to people from across the country, but also as a reminder that a ten-minute phone call can make a massive difference to someone else’s day.

Zack Bhalla
A Business and Management student at Trevelyan.
University student
This experience has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done and it’s made me respect and admire those who work in the NHS and healthcare even more. I would encourage everyone to volunteer at the vaccine centres if they are interested and get the vaccine when it becomes available to you!

Zoe Haylock
A third year student at Trevelyan.