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Alumni and Friends

All Trevelyanites are Trevelyanites for life, your membership of our wonderful community does not finish with graduation. There are so many ways for alumni to get involved in College life.
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Hippocampus 2021/22

Read our annual Alumni magazine 2021/22 via the PDF link below.

Hippocampus 2021-22


Alumni Events

Our regular events calendar includes a range of alumni-focused events in Durham, London, and other regional centres for our alumni. We also encourage our alumni to attend College events such as formals and balls wherever possible.

You can make an event suggestion or request assistance with the organisation of your own alumni event.

University student
During my seven years at Trevs, I completed three law degrees – an LLB, an MJur, and a PhD. However, I took far more away from Trevs than just academic qualifications. Confidence, self-awareness, an understanding of purpose and responsibility, the ability to talk to just about anyone… these are just some of the gifts that Trevs gave me, and which have shaped my career, and my life.

Ollie Bartlett (2008 - 2015)
Alumni and now a member of the College Advisory Board

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Careers Opportunities

One of the most impactful ways that alumni can interact with current students is through offering careers support. We are always keen to welcome alumni back to the College to talk about their career paths, whether through individually organised events or larger careers days. From 2020/21 you can volunteer as a careers mentor through our new programme, providing a Trevs student with vital advice and support as they explore their career prospects.


University student
But most of all I recall the warmth and kindness of everyone and in particular our porters and their humour as they helped us timid Freshers settle in. I now see Trevs as being the place where I first started to grow up, to stretch my wings physically, intellectually and emotionally. It is also where I developed my love of the law and of politics so no surprises that I have ended up working for the Government Legal Department as a Government lawyer.

Wendy Hardaker CB (1991-1994)
Interim Director General, Government Legal Department

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We are currently fundraising for a variety of student-focused funds, including hardship and careers funds. To find out more visit our fundraising and opportunities page. You can make a donation to a fund of your choice via


University student
The beauty of Trevs being a smaller college was that I was able to meet people from all over the world who were studying a huge range of courses. I made an amazing group of friends who I’ve stayed in touch with since graduating, and I don’t know if I’d have gotten that in a bigger college as a commuter. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Trevs and really value the friendships and experiences that I had whilst I was there.

Lucy Adams (2018-2019)
Alumni and Student Engagement Coordinator

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Past Projects

We have achieved many wonderful things with the help of our alumni.

Our two largest recent fundraising projects have been the Garden of Reflection and the Garden Gym. These projects have made a huge difference to our students’ College experience, and we are extremely grateful to our alumni for their generous donations.

In 2019 we completed the Garden of Reflection. The garden features a pond and wildflower meadow and offers a quiet place for reflection and contemplation.

In 2017 we built the Garden Gym as part of our fiftieth anniversary '50 for 50' campaign. It has a great range of cardio equipment and a large free-weight area and is used regularly by our students.


University student
I was scared and homesick when I arrived at Trevelyan. I left feeling worthy and equipped for the challenges ahead. That confidence has remained to this day.

Margaret Ward-Martin (1981-1984)
Alumni, Psychology Coach/Counsellor and founder of 'The Grace Project'

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Jess talks about volunteering and outreach at Trevs

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