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Archaeological Services logo with trenches being excavated in the background

(Trial-trench) Evaluation

Archaeological Services design and deliver evaluation schemes which will meet planning requirements, typically comprising a series of archaeological trenches which sample the development area. These are usually machine-excavated.

The trenching will determine if any archaeological resource is present and how significant it is.

The requirement for trenching on greenfield sites can often be reduced by conducting geophysical survey first.

Development sites often need evaluating pre-determination. Completion of an evaluation is usually sufficient to support an application.

An archaeologist watching a yellow JCB excavate a trench in a field under a cloudy sky

A series of trenches excavated by machine can be used to sample the development area to identify any surviving archaeological resource

Field with an excavated trench showing a series of walls and features which have been uncovered

Any archaeological features present are assessed and recorded to determine their significance

Field with an excavated area in light brown soil with lines and a circular barrow ditch picked out in contrasting darker soil

Aerial view of the ring-ditch of a roundbarrow, initially discovered during trial trenching

A series of trenches outlined in light soil against the dark green of fields

Large scheme of evaluation trenching as seen from the air

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