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Bioimaging Facility: Advanced Light Microscopy

The state of the art Bioimaging and Microscopy research and teaching facility in the Department of Biosciences is at the core of the Durham Centre for Bioimaging Technology and houses an extensive selection of imaging modalities

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Leica DIC Microinjection

Location: Biosciences Room 154

The Leica DMI3000 B DIC is linked up to an Eppendorf TransferMan NK2 and either the FemtoJet or FemtoJet Express. The TransferMan NK2 allows the user to micro manipulate various samples, utilising the FemtoJet for injecting small volumes up to 100pL or the FemtoJet Express for volumes greater than 100pL. This system is also available on the upright DM2500. The injectors have variable injection pressure, timing and compensation pressure and are fully programmable which ensures reproducibility. The inject and clean functions can be triggered via a control button on the instrument, mouse or foot control. The micromanipulator has smart functions, such as storage and recall of positions, which allows complex micromanipulation techniques to be carried out rapidly, easily and precisely. The manipulator has coarse, fine and extra fine speeds with proportional control via a central joystick and can store independent work positions and user profiles.

The Narishige PC-10 Puller is available to produce micro-pipettes of size and shape suitable to the sample to be injected.

Your sample injection procedure or basic visualisation of samples can be recorded to make a video or simple image acquisition using our Panasonic 3CCD 1080p HD Colour camera.


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Numerical Aperture
Leica 5x N Plan 0.12
Leica 10X N Plan Ph1 0.25
Leica 40x N Plan L Corr Ph2  



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