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Bioimaging Facility: Advanced Light Microscopy

The state of the art Bioimaging and Microscopy research and teaching facility in the Department of Biosciences is at the core of the Durham Centre for Bioimaging Technology and houses an extensive selection of imaging modalities

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Leica M165C Fluorescence Stereo

Location: Biosciences Room 154

This fluorescence stereo microscope combines high resolution with large depth of field and large zoom range and is ideally suited to tasks which require imaging of whole organisms and manipulation of these under fluorescence illumination. The system can capture every aspect of an organism over a wide magnification range (7.3x - 120x), down to the tiniest details, resolving structures down to a size of 551nm allowing the user to obtain overview and detailed image acquisition in 1 step. The microscope has encoding of the focus, zoom, filters, and iris diaphragm and this configuration and optical data can be read out at the computer at any time and associated with the image as meta data. The objective revolver provides a fast enlargement of the field of view (1x & 2x) whilst still providing adequate space for manipulation. The microscope has a third beam path, reserved exclusively for fluorescence illumination and separation of illumination and observation beam paths ensures brilliant fluorescence images, rich in detail and contrast, with the best light efficiency. Even weak fluorescence signals can be displayed with excellent image quality. The system has two filter cubes, GFP and DSRed and in addition to the leica camera for documentation is routinely coupled with the Panasonic 1080p colour video camera for recording of HD videos of larger dynamic fluorescent objects such C.elegans.

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Leica PlanApo  1.0 x
Leica PlanApo 2.0x


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