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Bioimaging Facility: Advanced Light Microscopy

The state of the art Bioimaging and Microscopy research and teaching facility in the Department of Biosciences is at the core of the Durham Centre for Bioimaging Technology and houses an extensive selection of imaging modalities

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Zeiss Cell Observer

Location: Biosciences Room 138a

The Zeiss Cell Observer is a widefield fluorescence microscope system which allows you to visualize living organisms and intracellular processes, even over a period of several days, involving a number of different fluorescence channels, z-planes and positions. For long term imaging of cells the microscope is housed within an environmental chamber and has heated stage inserts providing precise control of temperature, CO2 and humidity. The objective lenses have been specially designed for live cell Imaging, including correction rings to avoid spherical aberration when imaging between 23-37C. This system can image multiple types of culture dishes including 6 well plates with the motorised stage allowing image capture from multiple points in each well in turn.

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Zeiss 10x EC Plan NEOFLUAR PH1 0.3
Zeiss 20x LD Plan NEOFLUAR PH2 Korr 0.4
Zeiss 40x LD Plan NEOFLUAR PH2 Korr 0.6


Filter CubeExcitationEmission
DAPI 335 - 383 nm 420 - 470nm
HE CFP 425 - 448 nm 460 - 500 nm
HE GFP 450 - 490 nm 500 - 550 nm
AlexaFluor 546 540 - 552 nm 590 LP