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Prospective Students

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Trevelyan College.

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Trevelyan College exterior on a sunny spring day


Q. Are meals catered or do you need to self cater on weekend?

A. Catering is provided all through term time for 3 meals a day including weekends. You also have access to a pantry but not all are fully equipped and may only have a microwave, a kettle and a toaster. However our students tell us that being in a catered college is much more sociable as you go for meals at the same time with everyone. It is also very convenient as you don’t have to worry about cooking your meals in your first year when there is so much going on and you are still trying to find your way in university life. You can find further information regarding catering here.


Q. Would you say Trevs has a friendly atmosphere compared to other Colleges?

A. Our students tell us that everyone is really friendly, especially once you first arrive, and it’s a lovely atmosphere. One of the things that distinguishes Trevs are the landings because of their architectural structure (rooms facing inwards and you have 6 rooms per landing) this helps so much to get to know the other students. With the college being just one building it makes it much easier to see people and to get to different places - especially in your comfortable wear! Our students are very passionate about welcoming new students and helping other students at Trevs which makes it a very friendly college and a close-knit community.


Q. Is there an option to live in College in second year?

A. You can apply to live in College in second year as a returning student. Communications will be sent out in Epiphany term regarding applications, however spaces are limited. 


Q. How do you start a society?

A. Setting up a society is easy and the JCR is always keen for its members do so. All new societies need to be ‘ratified’ which essentially means that they are then registered with the JCR. To be ratified, a new society will need to have certain number of members, some of which have been chosen to run the society; every society needs a President or a Club Captain! The JCR Chair is in charge of this process and will be able to help any new society in completing it. A ratified society is then eligible to apply for funding from the JCR. This could be done to cover start-up costs, for example. You can find further information about the clubs and societies at Trevelyan here.


Q. How many people share a bathroom?

A. Generally, 6 rooms make up a landing at Trevs and a landing shares bathroom facilities. The shower cubicle and the toilet are separate to each other. These facilities are private therefore there would only ever be one person in either of the bathroom facilities at a time, it’s just like sharing with your family at home. Because your house mates will be on different degree programmes to you, you will have different schedules therefore settling into a routine where you have to share the facilities should be easy to do. 


Q. How likely is it that you will be allocated a shared room vs single accommodation?

A. There are only 20 shared room so out of all of the first years at Trevs there are only 40 students who will be in a shared room. Our students that have shared previously think it was a great experience and it was a lot of fun. We put a lot of thought into who we allocate together in a room and have a very good track record of matching people who become close friends. Our students have said that if you have a roommate you have an instant friend you can walk to lectures with, talk about your academic work and navigate through the first year of university life together. Find out what our students have to say about sharing a room here. Additional information regarding accommodation can be found here.


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