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Academic staff

Professor Lewis Ayres Professor of Catholic & Historical Theology
Dr Krastu Banev Associate Professor of Byzantine and Orthodox Theology
Professor John Barclay Lightfoot Professor of Divinity
Revd Stephanie Burette Solway Fellow
Dr Frances Clemson Lecturer in Theology and Ministry
Professor Christopher C. H. Cook Professor
Professor Douglas James Davies Professor
Prof Maggi Dawn Professor
Dr Jan Dochhorn Associate Professor of New Testament
Dr Kimberley A. Fowler New Testament Lecturer
Dr Carmody Grey Assistant Professor of Catholic Theology
Professor Mathew Guest Professor in the Sociology of Religion
Dr Jane Heath Associate Professor
Professor Mike Higton Professor
Professor Christopher Insole Professor of Philosophical Theology and Ethics & Head of Department
Dr David Janzen Professor of Hebrew Bible / Old Testament
Professor Karen E. Kilby Bede Professor of Catholic Theology
Professor Gerard Loughlin Professor
Dr Jonathan Miles-Watson Associate Professor of the Anthropology of Religion
Professor Walter Moberly Professor
Professor Paul D. Murray Professor of Systematic Theology
Professor Simon Oliver Van Mildert Professor of Divinity
Dr Marcus Pound Associate Professor of Theology & Assistant Director of the Centre for Catholic Studies
Dr Sitna Quiroz Assistant Professor in the Study of Religion
Dr Anna Rowlands St Hilda Associate Professor of Catholic Social Thought & Practice
Professor Alec Ryrie Professor
Canon Professor Michael Snape Michael Ramsey Professor of Anglican Studies
Professor Robert Song Professor
Dr Rik Van Nieuwenhove Associate Professor of Medieval Thought
Dr Medi Volpe Assistant Professor of Theology & Ethics
Professor Peter Ward Professor of Practical Theology
Professor Francis Watson Professor
Professor Stuart Weeks Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew
Revd Professor David Wilkinson Professor and Principal of St. John's College

Research staff

Dr Cormac Begadon Assistant Professor (Research): Sepulchrine Fellow in the History of Catholicism
Dr Victoria Biggs La Retraite Assistant Professor
Dr Brian Casey FMDM Fellow in the History of Catholicism - Centre for Catholic Studies
Dr James Kelly Sweeting Associate Professor (Research) in the History of Catholicism
Dr Jonas Kurlberg Research Fellow in the Centre for Digital Theology (01/01/2021-31/08/2021)
Dr Patrick Mcghee Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Dr John O'Brien Associate Professor (Research), Centre for Catholic Studies john.o'
Dr Eve Parker Postdoctoral Research Associate in Theological Education
Revd Dr Peter Phillips Research Fellow in Digital Theology
Dr Adam Powell COFUND Junior Research Fellow
Dr Elizabeth Powell Assistant Professor (Research): La Retraite Fellow in Theology and Spirituality (CCS)
Revd Dr Brian Powers Assistant Professor (Research) Vann Fellow in Christianity and the Armed Forces
Dr Gregory Alexander Ryan Assistant Professor (Research) of Ecclesiology and Receptive Ecumenism (CCS)
Dr Catherine M. Sexton Postdoctoral Research Associate in Catholic Studies
Dr Liam Peter Temple Postdoctoral Research Associate: Capuchin Fellow in the History of Catholicism

Honorary fellows

Professor Jeff Astley Honorary Professor
(1 Oct 2018 - 30 Sept 2021)
Dr Dorothea Bertschmann Honorary Fellow
(1 Jan 2020 - 31 Dec 2023)
Dr Jeremy Bonner Honorary Fellow
(1 Sept 2018 - 31 Aug 2021)
Dr Gillian Boughton Honorary Fellow
(1 Sept 2015 - 31 Aug 2021)
Dr Jonathan Bush Cataloguer
(Ushaw College)
Dr Charlotte Hardman Honorary Fellow
(1 Oct 2019 - 30 Sept 2022)
Dr Anne Overell Honorary Research Fellow
(1 Apr 2014 - 31 Mar 2023)
Dr Susan Royal Honorary Fellow
(1 Sept 2018 - 31 Aug 2021)

Emeritus staff

Dr Stephen Barton Reader & Honorary Fellow
(Sept 2012 - Aug 2021)
Emeritus Professor Andrew Louth Emeritus Professor of Patristic and Byzantine Studies
Dr William R. Telford Senior Lecturer (Retired)

Administrative staff

Miss Susan Bates Department Manager
Miss Amy Clarke Learning & Teaching Administrator
Mrs Helen Louise Ferguson Learning & Teaching Assistant Manager
Mr Tim Guinan Development Executive (Centre for Catholic Studies)
Ms Christine Hamilton Learning & Teaching Administrator
Dr Jane Lidstone Centre for Catholic Studies Administrative Assistant
Mrs Theresa Phillips Centre for Catholic Studies Administrator
Mrs Susan Tait Postgraduate Research Co-ordinator – Postgraduate Research Admissions Enquiries / Student Support
Mrs Claire Williams Operations Administrator
Ms Yvonne Williams Religious Life Vitality Research Project Co-ordinator – Centre for Catholic Studies

Other Honorary and Visiting Titles

  • Revd Dr Paul Avis as Honorary Professor (1 Jan 2021 - 30 Sept 2021)

  • Professor Celia Deane-Drummond as Honorary Professor (1 Oct 2012 - 30 Sept 2021)

  • Professor Eamon Duffy as Honorary Professor (1 Oct 2011 - 30 Sept 2021)

  • Dr Brendan Geary as Honorary Fellow (1 Oct 2015 - 30 Sept 2021)

  • Dr Paula Gooder as Honorary Fellow (1 Dec 2018 - 31 Nov 2021)

  • Professor Hilary Grainger as Honorary Professor (1 Jan 2020 - 31 Dec 2023)

  • Professor Johannes Hoff as Honorary Professor (1 Sept 2018 - 31 Aug 2021)

  • Baroness Sheila Hollins as Honorary Professor (1 Apr 2012 - 30 Sept 2021)

  • Dr Paul Jones as Honorary Fellow (20 Nov 2019 - 19 May 2020)

  • Prof John McCafferty as Honorary Professor in the History of Catholicism (1 Feb 2021 - 31 Dec 2024)

  • Dr Wendy Elizabeth North as Honorary Fellow (1 Jan 2019 - 31 Dec 2021)

  • Dr Elizabeth Phillips as Honorary Fellow (1 Sept 2018 - 31 Aug 2021)

  • Professor John F.A. Sawyer as Honorary Professor (23 Nov 2018 - 22 Nov 2021)

  • Dr Gemma Simmonds as Honorary Fellow (1 Oct 2015 - 30 Sept 2021)

  • Dr Catherine Sexton as Honorary Fellow (1 Sept 2018 - 31 Aug 2021)

  • Mr Anthony Spencer as Honorary Fellow (1 Oct 2018 - 30 Sept 2021)

  • Professor Maurice Whitehead as Honorary Professor (1 Sept 2018 - 31 Aug 2021)

  • Professor Myriam Wijlens as Honorary Professor (1 Oct 2012 - 30 Sept 2021)

  • Dr Emma Wilson as Honorary Fellow (1 Oct 2015 - 30 Sept 2021)

  • Dr Jonathan Wright as Honorary Fellow (1 Sept 2018 - 31 Aug 2021)

  • Dr Augusto Zampini Davies as Honorary Fellow (1 Oct 2018 - 30 Sept 2021)

  • Revd Professor Hans Zollner as Honorary Professor (1 Oct 2015 - 30 Sept 2021)

Teaching assistants

Miss Danielle Baker PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Revd Peter Baker Integrated PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Miss Charlotte Bray PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Mr Leonardo Choi PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Mr William Billy Crozier PhD Student & Teaching Assistant
Mr Caleb Day PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Mr. Gary Eaborn PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Miss Jessica Eastwood PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Mr. Felix Granderath PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Ms. Jennifer Knox PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Dr Charidimos Koutris Programme Assistant to the MA in Spirituality, Theology & Health, Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant & Web Manager
Ms Lena Maria Lorenz PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Miss Joelle Lucas PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Ms. Hannah Malcolm PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Dr David McCollough PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Mr. John Morris PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Mr Gael Pardoen Integrated PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Mr Andrew Poxon PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Mr Maddison Reddie-clifford PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Miss Imogen Ridley PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Miss Georgina Robinson PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Mr Alex Rowe PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Ms Florence Taylor PhD student & Teaching Assistant
Mr Ricky Whitefield Teaching Assistant
Dr Logan Williams PhD Student & Teaching Assistant
Mrs Annalisa Wilson PhD student & Teaching Assistant

Research students

Revd Robert Amess DThM Student Contact Robert Amess
Mr Kevin Antlitz PhD Student Contact Kevin Antlitz
Mr Kirby Applegate PhD Student
Miss Vivian Asimos PhD Student
Ms Avril Baigent PhD Student & Research Assistant Contact Avril Baigent
Mr Gregory Bailey PhD student Contact Gregory Bailey
Mr Rory Balfour PhD student
Mr Igor Baumann PhD Student Contact Igor Baumann
Mr Nicolas Jacques Baumgartner Research Student Contact Nicolas Jacques Baumgartner
Ms. Rachel Bedek Integrated PhD student Contact Rachel Bedek
Mr Bruce Benedict DThM student Contact Bruce Benedict
Revd Christopher James Benek PhD Student Contact Christopher James Benek
Revd Dominic Black DThM Student
Miss Anna Blackman PhD Student & Research Assistant Contact Anna Blackman
Mr Jason Borges PhD student Contact Jason Borges
Dr Sergio Branco MA student Contact Sergio Branco
Revd Thomas Brand PhD Student Contact Thomas Brand
Mr Adrian Brooks PhD Student
Revd Daniel Brown DThM student Contact Daniel Brown
Revd Andrew Carter PhD Student Contact Andrew Carter
Miss Chi Yee Chan PhD student Contact Chi Yee Chan
Mr John Chapman PhD student Contact John Chapman
Mr Stephen Cheung MA Student Contact Stephen Cheung
Mr John Coggin PhD student Contact John Coggin
Mr Benjamin Coleman PhD student
Mr Vasile Condrea PhD Student
Mrs Margaret Cooling PhD Student Contact Margaret Cooling
Ms Sarah Frances Davies PhD Student Contact Sarah Frances Davies
Revd Rachel Deigh DThM student Contact Rachel Deigh
Mr Benediktus Deni-Mary Integrated PhD Student
Rev. Eric Dirksen DThM student Contact Eric Dirksen
Mr Colin Donnelly PhD student Contact Colin Donnelly
Revd Andrew Downie PhD Student
Ms Emily Dunn PhD Student
Mr John Chares Dickey Dyer PhD student Contact John Chares Dickey Dyer
Miss Imogen Eddleston PhD student Contact Imogen Eddleston
Revd Timothy Peter Edge DThM Student Contact Timothy Peter Edge
Ms Deborah Edirisinghe PhD student Contact Deborah Edirisinghe
Mrs Jane Elizabeth Edwards PhD Student Contact Jane Elizabeth Edwards
Mr Elraheb ElMacari Ibrahim PhD student Contact Elraheb ElMacari Ibrahim
Revd Timothy Escott PhD Student
Revd Luke Foster PhD student Contact Luke Foster
Ms Michele Stopera Freyhauf PhD Student & Research Assistant
Ms Meron Gebreananaye PhD student
Revd Dean Gjorcheski PhD Student Contact Dean Gjorcheski
Mr Nathanael Goh Integrated PhD Student Contact Nathanael Goh
Rev'd Dr Kathryn Goldsmith PhD student Contact Kathryn Goldsmith
Mr Alexander Francis John Gooch PhD student Contact Alexander Francis John Gooch
Mr Charles Gottshall PhD Student Contact Charles Gottshall
Revd Paulette Gower DThM Student Contact Paulette Gower
Mr Andrew Graystone PhD Student
Mr Adam Gye PhD Student
Rev. James Halstead DThM student Contact James Halstead
Mr William Hartley PhD student Contact William Hartley
Revd Kayla Harward PhD student Contact Kayla Harward
Mr Charles C. Helmer IV PhD Student Contact Charles C. Helmer IV
Mrs. Katherine Hendrickson PhD student Contact Katherine Hendrickson
Mr Dragos Herescu PhD student Contact Dragos Herescu
Mr Philip Hobday PhD Student Contact Philip Hobday
Revd Susan Hope DThM student Contact Susan Hope
Mr David Horsfall PhD student Contact David Horsfall
Revd Brian Hughes PhD student Contact Brian Hughes
Mr Brandon Hurlbert PhD Student
Miss Yasmin Ilkhani
Revd Carole Irwin PhD Student Contact Carole Irwin
Mr Luke Irwin Integrated PhD student Contact Luke Irwin
Susan [Scholastica] Jacob PhD student Contact Susan [Scholastica] Jacob
Dr Robert Mark Jaggs-Fowler PhD Student
Revd Alan Jeans PhD student Contact Alan Jeans
Mr Aaron Jeffrey PhD Student Contact Aaron Jeffrey
Mr Ross Jesmont PhD Student
Mr Joshua Jones DThM student Contact Joshua Jones
Ms Patricia Jones PhD Student Contact Patricia Jones
Mr Timothee Joset PhD Student Contact Timothee Joset
Revd UnChan Jung PhD Student
Mr Gabriel Kalcheim PhD Student
Revd Liam Kelly MLitt student Contact Liam Kelly
Revd Hyung-tae Kim PhD student Contact Hyung-tae Kim
Revd Dr Andrew Kinsey DThM student Contact Andrew Kinsey
Mr Alexander Kirk PhD Student Contact Alexander Kirk
Mrs Helen Knight MA student Contact Helen Knight
Rev. Rhona Knight PhD student Contact Rhona Knight
Revd Kjetil Kringlebotten PhD student Contact Kjetil Kringlebotten
Ms Myka Lahaie PhD Student
Revd John Leach PhD Student Contact John Leach
Jenny Leigh PhD Student & Research Assistant
Revd Simon Leigh DThM student Contact Simon Leigh
Ms Rebecca Leong PhD Student
Revd Stephen John Lindridge DThM Student Contact Stephen John Lindridge
Revd Richard Lodge DThM student Contact Richard Lodge
Mr Gerald Lofquist PhD Student Contact Gerald Lofquist
Ms Jennifer Loop DThM student Contact Jennifer Loop
Mrs Cara Lovell DThM student Contact Cara Lovell
Miss Jean Luah PhD student Contact Jean Luah
Mrs Hanna Lucas PhD Student
Mr Yehuda Mansell PhD student (VST) Contact Yehuda Mansell
Revd Jonathan Marlow DThM student Contact Jonathan Marlow
Miss Claire Marsland PhD Student
Rev. Anita Matthews PhD student (TEI) Contact Anita Matthews
Revd Jane Maycock DThM student Contact Jane Maycock
Miss Caitriona McCartney PhD Student & Research Assistant
Revd Lynn McChlery PhD Student
Mrs Joanne M. McKenzie PhD Student
Mr Brendan McMullan PhD student Contact Brendan McMullan
Mr Timothy Miller DThM student Contact Timothy Miller
Mrs. Sarah Millican-Jones DThM student Contact Sarah Millican-Jones
Mr Joshua Mobley PhD Student
Mr John Moon PhD Student
Mr Andrew Moss PhD Student Contact Andrew Moss
Mr Richard Moy DThM Student Contact Richard Moy
Mrs. Amanda Murjan PhD student Contact Amanda Murjan
Miss Lucinda Murphy PhD Student
Mr Bradley Myers PhD student Contact Bradley Myers
Revd Christopher Myers PhD Student Contact Christopher Myers
Ms Rebecca Neale PhD Student
Mr Michael Newton PhD student Contact Michael Newton
Revd Emma Louise Parker PhD student Contact Emma Louise Parker
Ms Ruth Helen Perrin PhD student Contact Ruth Helen Perrin
Mr John Perrine DThM student Contact John Perrine
Mr Ivor Perry PhD Student Contact Ivor Perry
Mr Jesse Peterson PhD Student Contact Jesse Peterson
Mr Andrew Phillips Integrated PhD student Contact Andrew Phillips
Mr Andrew Pickering PhD Student Contact Andrew Pickering
Mr David Podbury DThM student Contact David Podbury
Mr Charles Rennie PhD student Contact Charles Rennie
Revd Robert Riedling Integrated PhD Student Contact Robert Riedling
Mrs Jennifer Riley PhD Student
Miss Michaila Roberts DThM student Contact Michaila Roberts
Ms Kelsie Rodenbiker PhD Student, Research Assistant & PG Research students Representative
Mr Richard Rohlfing-Jr. PhD Student
Mr Ricardo Saludo DThM student Contact Ricardo Saludo
Mr Arman Saroyan PhD Student Contact Arman Saroyan
Dr. Matthew Scraper PhD student Contact Matthew Scraper
Dr Harriet Shannon PhD Student Contact Harriet Shannon
Fr Thomas Sharp PhD student
Revd Elizabeth Ann Shipp PhD student Contact Elizabeth Ann Shipp
Revd Richard Smith PhD student Contact Richard Smith
Mr Edward Smyth DThM student Contact Edward Smyth
Mr Isaac Soon PhD student
Mr Nikolaos Souvlakis PhD Student Contact Nikolaos Souvlakis
Mr John Stayne PhD student Contact John Stayne
Mr David Steell DThM Student Contact David Steell
Mrs Katie Stock DThM student Contact Katie Stock
Dr David Stocks PhD Student Contact David Stocks
Mr Daniel Ryan Streett PhD student Contact Daniel Ryan Streett
Mr Mark Sturge DThM student Contact Mark Sturge
Rev. Barkley Thompson DThM student Contact Barkley Thompson
Revd Nicholas Todd MA student Contact Nicholas Todd
Mr Nicholas Ronald Edwin Toseland PhD Student
Dr. Tai Tsoi DThM student Contact Tai Tsoi
Revd David Tudor PhD Student Contact David Tudor
Ms Jennifer Susan Uzzell PhD Student
Mr Timothy Wall PhD student Contact Timothy Wall
Mr John Wallace DThM Student Contact John Wallace
Ms Catherine Wallis-hughes PhD student Contact Catherine Wallis-hughes
Mr Mark Whalan PhD student Contact Mark Whalan
Mr John Wigfield DThM student Contact John Wigfield
Dr Shawn Wilhite PhD student Contact Shawn Wilhite
Mrs Claire Williams PhD student (TEI) Contact Claire Williams
Mr Matthew Williams PhD Student
Revd Paul Witts DThM Student
Mr Timothy Wright PhD student (TEI) Contact Timothy Wright
Revd Dan York PhD student Contact Dan York
Mr Bruno Zazo PhD Student
Ms. Yurong Zhao Integrated PhD student Contact Yurong Zhao