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Our People

We’re lucky that we’re a rapidly growing department with many new faculty members. In 2016 we had only 17 academics and we’re now up to around 40.

Our team is made up of our faculty who lead the teaching and research, our postdoctoral researchers who work on research contracts, and our Professional Support Staff who make sure everything runs smoothly. Together we like to think we’re a supportive and friendly community.
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Academic Staff

Professor Gordon LoveHead of Department of Computer Science
Dr Eleni AkridaAssistant Professor (Teaching)
Dr Noura Al MoubayedAssistant Professor
Dr Amir Atapour-AbarghoueiAssistant Professor
Dr Gagangeet Singh AujlaAssistant Professor
Dr Eamonn BellAssistant Professor
Dr Nelly BencomoAssociate Professor
Professor Sue BlackProfessor of Computer Science and Technology Evangelist
Professor Magnus BordewichProfessor
Professor Steven BradleyProfessor
Professor Toby BreckonProfessor
Emeritus Professor David BudgenEmeritus Professor
Professor Alexandra CristeaProfessor of Computer Science
Dr Stefan DantchevAssistant Professor
Prof Thomas ErlebachProfessor
Massimiliano FasiAssistant Professor
Dr Tom FriedetzkyAssociate Professor
Dr Maximilien GadouleauAssociate Professor
Dr Sunčica HadžidedićAssistant Professor
Dr Hubert P. H. ShumAssociate Professor
Dr Leonardo ImpettAssistant Professor
Dr Ioannis IvrissimtzisAssociate Professor
Professor Matthew JohnsonProfessor
Dr Stamos KatsigiannisAssistant Professor
Dr George Alex KoulierisAssistant Professor
Professor Andrei KrokhinProfessor
Prof Effie Lai-Chong LawProfessor
Dr Frederick Woon-Bor LiAssociate Professor
Dr Yang LongAssistant Professor
Dr Barnaby MartinAssociate Professor
Dr George MertziosAssociate Professor
Dr Lawrence MitchellAssistant Professor
Prof Dorothy MonekossoProfessor
Emeritus Professor Malcolm MunroEmeritus Professor
Professor Daniel PaulusmaProfessor
Dr Robert PowellAssistant Professor (Teaching)
Dr Anne ReinarzAssistant Professor
Dr Lei ShiAssistant Professor
Professor Iain StewartProfessor
Dr Craig StewartAssistant Professor (Teaching)
Dr Donald SturgeonAssistant Professor
Dr Ehsan ToreiniAssistant Professor
Dr Amitabh TrehanAssociate Professor
Dr Wanqing TuAssociate Professor
Dr Jingyun WangAssistant Professor
Professor Tobias WeinzierlProfessor
Dr Chris G. WillcocksAssistant Professor



Research Staff

Dr Yona Falinie Abd. GausPost Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Bashar Awwad-shiekh-hasanAcademic Visitor
Dr Neelanjan BhowmikPost Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Alexander KrotovKTP Associate
Dr Jakub OpršalPost Doctoral Research Assistant
Mr Zheming ZuoKTP Research Associate




Mrs Latifah AbduhPostgraduate Student
Mr Philip AdeyPostgraduate Student
Mr Olanrewaju Tahir AduragbaPostgraduate Student
Ms. Arwa Al-saqaabiPostgraduate Student
Mr Ahmed AlamriPostgraduate Student
Mr. Hammam AlgamdiPostgraduate Student
Miss Khulood AlharbiPostgraduate Student
Mrs Tahani AljohaniPostgraduate Student
Miss Muna AlmushytiPostgraduate Student
Ms Aeshah AlmutairiPostgraduate Student
Mrs Laila AlrajhiPostgraduate Student
Mrs Amira AlrewetaePostgraduate Student
Ms Amani AlsaqqafPostgraduate Student
Mrs Aishah AlsehaimPostgraduate Student
Mr Naif AlshammariPostgraduate Student
Mr Mohammad AlshehriPostgraduate Student
Mr Jack BarkerPostgraduate Student
Mrs. Priyatha BethapudiPostgraduate Student
Sam Bond-TaylorPostgraduate Student
Mr. Richard BoulderstonePostgraduate Student
Mr John BrennanPostgraduate Student
Ms. Rebecca BrydonPostgraduate Student
Mr James BurtonPostgraduate Student
Miss Elizabeth CallanderPostgraduate Student
Mr Pedro CardenasPostgraduate Student
Mr. Ziyi ChangPostgraduate Student
Mr. Shuang ChenPostgraduate Student
Miss Abril Corona-figueroaPostgraduate Student
Miss Calina DurbacPostgraduate Student
Mr James EllimanPostgraduate Student
Mr. Sean FarrellPostgraduate Student
Mr Jonathan FrawleyPostgraduate Student
Miss Isobel FriedlanderPostgraduate Student
Ms. Ankita GargPostgraduate Student
Mr Abdul GhaniPostgraduate Student
Miss Anoushka HaritPostgraduate Student
Mr Peter HesseyPostgraduate Student
Mr Cesar Higuera-higueraPostgraduate Student
Mr Ryan HodgsonPostgraduate Student
Mr George HudsonPostgraduate Student
Mr Brian Kostadinov Shalon Isaac-MedinaPostgraduate Student
Mr Strahinja KlemPostgraduate Student
Mrs. Nina KlobasPostgraduate Student
Mr Daniel KluvanecPostgraduate Student
Mr David KutnerPostgraduate Student
Mr Adam LeachPostgraduate Student
Mr Zhaoxing LiPostgraduate Student
Mr. Li (Luis) LiPostgraduate Student
Mr. Ruochen LiPostgraduate Student
Mr. Jiaxu LiuPostgraduate Student
Miss Mingyue LiuPostgraduate Research
Mr. Nour MubarakPostgraduate Student
Mr Peter NoblePostgraduate Student
Ms Ziqi PanPostgraduate Student
Mr Lachlan PockettPostgraduate Student
Mr Matthew PoyserPostgraduate Student
Mr Will PrewPostgraduate Student
Mr. Jiyao PuPostgraduate Student
Miss Tanqiu QiaoPostgraduate Student
Mr. Pawel RadtkePostgraduate Student
Mr Hiroshi SasakiPostgraduate Student
Mr. David SibrinaPostgraduate Student
Mr Dean SlackPostgraduate Student
Miss Siani SmithPostgraduate Student
Mr Karl SouthernPostgraduate Student
Mr Zhongtian SunPostgraduate Student
Miss Mridula VijendranPostgraduate Student
Mr. Patrick WakePostgraduate Student
Mr. Fan WanPostgraduate Student
Mr. Jindi WangPostgraduate Student
Mr Matthew WatsonPostgraduate Student
Mr Henry WestmacottPostgraduate Student
Mr Thomas WinterbottomPostgraduate Student
Ms Sarah WyerPostgraduate Student
Mr. Chenghao XiaoPostgraduate Student
Miss Xin YePostgraduate Student
Mr. Jonathan YoungPostgraduate Student
Mr Jialin YuPostgraduate Student
Mr. Zhengdi YuPostgraduate Student
Mrs Seyma YucerPostgraduate Student
Mr Peng ZhangPostgraduate Student
Mr Haozheng ZhangPostgraduate Student
Mr. Xiatian ZhangPostgraduate Student
Mr. Yunzhan ZhouPostgraduate Student