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Our People

We’re lucky that we’re a rapidly growing department with many new faculty members. In 2016 we had only 17 academics and we’re now up to around 40.

Our team is made up of our faculty who lead the teaching and research, our postdoctoral researchers who work on research contracts, and our Professional Support Staff who make sure everything runs smoothly. Together we like to think we’re a supportive and friendly community.
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Computer Science staff at congregation

Academic staff

Professor Gordon Love Head of Department of Computer Science
Dr Eleni Akrida Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Dr Noura Al Moubayed Assistant Professor
Dr Gagangeet Singh Aujla Assistant Professor
Professor Sue Black Professor of Computer Science and Technology Evangelist 
Professor Magnus Bordewich Professor
Professor Steven Bradley Professor
Professor Toby Breckon Professor
Emeritus Professor David Budgen Emeritus Professor
Professor Alexandra Cristea Professor of Computer Science
Dr Stefan Dantchev Assistant Professor
Dr Tom Friedetzky Associate Professor
Dr Maximilien Gadouleau Associate Professor
Dr Sunčica Hadžidedić Assistant Professor
Dr Hubert P. H. Shum Associate Professor  
Dr Leonardo Impett Assistant Professor
Dr Ioannis Ivrissimtzis Associate Professor
Professor Matthew Johnson Professor
Dr Stamos Katsigiannis Assistant Professor
Dr George Alex Koulieris Assistant Professor
Professor Andrei Krokhin Professor
Dr Frederick Li Associate Professor
Dr Yang Long Assistant Professor
Professor Gordon Love Head of Department
Dr Barnaby Martin Associate Professor
Dr George Mertzios Associate Professor  
Dr Lawrence Mitchell Assistant Professor
Emeritus Professor Malcolm Munro Emeritus Professor
Professor Daniel Paulusma Professor
Dr Robert Powell Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Dr Anne Reinarz Assistant Professor
Dr Lei Shi Assistant Professor
Dr Craig Stewart Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Professor Iain Stewart Professor
Dr Donald Sturgeon Assistant Professor
Dr Ehsan Toreini Assistant Professor
Dr Amitabh Trehan Associate Professor
Dr Wanqing Tu Associate Professor
Dr Jingyun Wang Assistant Professor
Professor Tobias Weinzierl Professor
Dr Chris Willcocks Assistant Professor

Research staff

Dr Yona Falinie Abd. Gaus Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Bashar Awwad-shiekh-hasan Academic Visitor 
Dr Neelanjan Bhowmik Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Alexander Krotov KTP Associate
Mr Armando Maciel-Toda Post Doctoral Research Assistant 
Dr Jakub Opršal Post Doctoral Research Assistant
Mr Zheming Zuo KTP Research Associate

 Administration staff 

Miss Melissa Allchurch

Operations Administrator

Ms Ann Armstrong

Learning & Teaching Manager

Miss Joanne Avery

PGR Co-ordinator

Miss Carrie Beattie

Department Manager

Mrs Jackie Mckenna

Senior Research Administrator

Mrs Nichola Hall

Learning & Teaching Co-ordinator

Miss Louise Hudson

Learning & Teaching Co-ordinator

Mr Duncan McDonald

Internships & Industry Manager

Mr John M Turner

Operations & Liaison Manager

Mrs Johanna Waite

TechUp Project Manager

Miss Kendra Johnson

 Finance Assistant 

Miss Helene Rusby

 Finance Manager 

 Research students

Mrs Latifah Abduh Postgraduate Student
Mr Philip Adey Postgraduate Student
Mr Olanrewaju Tahir Aduragba Postgraduate Student 
Mr Ahmed Alamri Postgraduate Student
Miss Khulood Alharbi Postgraduate Student 
Mr Zakhriya Alhassan Postgraduate Student
Mrs Tahani Aljohani Postgraduate Student
Mrs Latifah Almuqren Postgraduate Student 
Miss Muna Almushyti Postgraduate Student
Ms Aeshah Almutairi Postgraduate Student
Mrs Laila Alrajhi Postgraduate Student 
Ms Amani Alsaqqaf Postgraduate Student
Mrs Aishah Alsehaim Postgraduate Student 
Mr Naif Alshammari Postgraduate Student
Mr Mohammad Alshehri Postgraduate Student
Mr Jack Barker Postgraduate Student  
Mrs Priyatha Bethapudi Postgraduate Student
Sam Bond-Taylor Postgraduate Student
Mr Richard Boulderstone Postgraduate Student
Mr John Brennan Postgraduate Student
Ms Rebecca Brydon Postgraduate Student
Mr James Burton Postgraduate Student
Miss Elizabeth Callander Postgraduate Student 
Mr Pedro Cardenas Postgraduate Student
Miss Calina Durbac Postgraduate Student 
Mr James Elliman Postgraduate Student 
Miss Abril Corona Figueroa Postgraduate Student
Mr Jonathan Frawley Postgraduate Student
Miss Isobel Friedlander Postgraduate Student
Mr Abdul Ghani Postgraduate Student 
Miss Anoushka Harit Postgraduate Student 
Mr Peter Hessey Postgraduate Student
Mr Cesar Higuera-higuera Postgraduate Student 
Mr Ryan Hodgson Postgraduate Student
Mr George Hudson Postgraduate Student 
Mr Brian Kostadinov Shalon Isaac-Medina Postgraduate Student
Mrs. Nina Klobas Postgraduate Student 
Mr Daniel Kluvanec Postgraduate Student 
Mr. Burak Kucukgoz Postgraduate Student 
Mr Li (Luis) Li Postgraduate Student
Mr Zhaoxing Li Postgraduate Student
Ms Bruna Maciel-Pearson Postgraduate Student
Ms Nik Khadijah Nik Aznan Postgraduate Student
Mr Peter Noble Postgraduate Student 
Mr Giacomo Paesani Postgraduate Student
Mr Matthew Poyser Postgraduate Student 
Mr Will Prew Postgraduate Student
Mr Hiroshi Sasaki Postgraduate Student 
Mr. David Sibrina Postgraduate Student
Mr Dean Slack Postgraduate Student
Miss Siani Smith Postgraduate Student 
Mr Karl Southern Postgraduate Student 
Mr Zhongtian Sun Postgraduate Student
Mr Matthew Watson Postgraduate Student 
Mr Fan Wan Postgraduate Student
Mr Henry Westmacott Postgraduate Student 
Mr Thomas Winterbottom Postgraduate Student 
Ms Sarah Wyer Postgraduate Student
Mr Jonathan Young Postgraduate Student
Mr Jialin Yu Postgraduate Student
Mr Zhengdi Yu Postgraduate Student
Mrs Seyma Yucer Postgraduate Student 
Mr Haozheng Zhang Postgraduate Student
Mr Peng Zhang Postgraduate Student 
Miss Xin Zhang Postgraduate Student
Mr Yunzhan Zhou Postgraduate Student