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Social Anthropology

Social anthropology is the study of social and cultural life in the various forms this takes in relation to the many contexts where this is found. As social anthropologists, we aim to answer questions of broad interest through the comparative study of particular people and places. We are especially interested in investigating people in contexts of everyday social life and in understanding these practices from the perspective of those involved. We use a range of ethnographic methods to do this, including participant observation, interviewing, and archival research.

Contact Research Co-ordinator: Dr Alice Stefanelli

Staff members:

Professor Simone Abram

Professor Catherine Alexander

Dr Hannah Brown

Dr Ben Campbell

Dr Michael Crawley

Professor Yulia Egorova

Dr Paolo Fortis

Professor Kate Hampshire

Dr Paolo Heywood

Dr Leo Hopkinson

Dr Elisabeth Kirtsoglou

Dr Roslyn Malcolm

Professor Nayanika Mookherjee

Professor Gina Porter

Dr Felix Ringel

Professor Paul Sillitoe

Professor Bob Simpson

Dr Alice Stefanelli

Professor Veronica Strang

Dr Tom Widger

Professor Tom Yarrow