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Guide to Levels

The table below gives an indication of entry levels based on previous language learning and/or English educational qualifications, as well as, for European languages, the CEFR. They are a guide, not pre-requisites.

Please also note that summaries of course contents can be viewed for all languages via the links to the right of this page.

Entry Level

Language Development Courses

Language Progression Courses (in ascending order of levels)

Language Accelerator Courses / Credit-Bearing Modules
No experience Step 1 Beginners Stage 1   
Some basic knowledge Step 2  
CEFR A1- Progression Beginners course Low GCSE Step 1 Elementary
Step 2  
CEFR A1+ Progression Elementary Credit-bearing/Accelerator Stage 1
Step 1 Lower Intermediate Stage 2   
Step 2  
CEFR A2- Progression Lower Intermediate GCSE + some time abroad Step 1 Intermediate
Step 2  
CEFR A2+ Progression Intermediate Credit-bearing/Accelerator
Stage 2
AS level
Step 1 Higher Intermediate Stage 3   
Step 2  
CEFR B1- Progression Higher Intermediate Low/rusty A level Step 1 Advanced
Step 2  
CEFR B1 Progression Advanced Credit-bearing/Accelerator
Stage 3
A level
   Higher Advanced 1 Stage 4   
CEFR B1+/B2- Progression Higher Advanced 1 course    Higher Advanced 2