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Heritage Partnerships 

Durham Castle

Image above: Durham Castle

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Heritage Partnerships (HP) marks a step-change in our engagement with cultural heritage protection. Fieldwork-driven evaluation of key monuments and landscapes, and collaborations drawing on in-field and remote sensing methods have created extensive new datasets that underpin knowledge exchange, training, advocacy and the creation of new toolkits to assess and mitigate threats to heritage. Co-production and responsiveness to local needs are fundamental to our research. For example, we work in the UK with the National Trust and with the national heritage agencies, and with national and transnational heritage bodies overseas, with a special focus in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. We connect communities with their living religious heritage, and work with disadvantaged communities in Europe and the global south, engaging them with the ‘uncomfortable heritage’ of their recent past. We have mobilised our practitioner expertise to lead on heritage conservation agendas e.g. with the World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for Asia and ICOM-CC, and collaborate on training in museum skills in Jordan and North Africa. We are particularly active in the protection of heritage from conflicts and natural disasters, and the meanings and values of cultural heritage

Key projects –

Activities 2021-2022

Seminars (dates tbd)

  • Term 1: Seminar on Digital heritage
  • Term 2: Seminar on Cultural Heritage in the South Caucasus
  • Term 3: Conference  on “Value of Archives in Heritage protection and documentation”


  • 9th-10th  April 2022: Conflict, Climate Change & Covid: International Responses To Heritage In Danger
  • Protecting Heritage and Landscapes and policy making - May-June 2022  (TBC)

Stone fortifications

Image above: Bullet damage on the theatre of Sabratha (Libya)